The Owairoa Team

We have a dynamic team to provide the rich and stimulating learning experiences, so necessary in these early formative years

Senior Management



Alan McIntyre
J.P., B.Ed., GDITE., Dip.Tchg., Cert Sch Mkting(CMS)., A.N.Z.E.I.
Deputy Principal
Christine Bull
B.A., Dip.Tchg., GDITE.,  Cert Sch Mkting(CMS)
Associate Principal
Wendy Gresham
B.A., Dip.Tchg
Assistant Principal
Kirsty Rice
B.Ed. (Teaching), GDITE., ACET
Assistant Principal
Anita Randhawa
B.Sc. (Hons), PGCE Tchg, TESSOL, ACET


Junior School

Team 1 – Year 1

Room 1                       Liz Stone

Room 2                       Alix Edkins

Room 3                       Michelle Geddes

Room 4                       Claire Lin

Room 6                       Fiona Blest

Room 7                       Shari Green

Room 8                       Joline Kennard

Room 9                       Kristina Ellis


Team 2 – Year 2

Room G1                    Jo Owen

Room G2                    Rachael Barr

Room 10                     Kim Parker

Room 11                     Jazmin Anderson

Room 12                     Tanith Ling

Room 13                     Gloria Cowan


Middle School

Team 3  - Year 3

Room 31                     Susan Carswell

Room 32                     Sally Turner

Room 33                     Tracey Haugh

Room 34                     Melissa Buys

Room 35                     Ariana Miller

Room 36                     William Howard

Team 4 – Year 4

Room 29                     Lindsay Humphreys

Room 30                     Shayna Ravji

Room 38                     Samantha Bowles

Room 39                     Alex Cornea


Senior School

Team 5 - Year 5/6

Room 19                     Susan Booth

Room 20                     Windy White

Room 21                     Julia Aspeling

Room 22                     Tim Bradley

Room 28                     Lee Anne Trebilco


Team 6 – Year 5/6

Room 23                     Stuart Crook

Room 24                     Taylor Adair

Room 25                     Babette Maas

Room 26                     Claire Findley

Room 27                     Luke O’Brien


Additional Teaching Staff

Sonia Smith Remedial
Gareth Rossiter Sports Specialist
Marjorie Parkes ELL Specialist
Nancy Hornblow Reading Recovery
Sue Stone Teaching Support
Jill McIntyre International English Class / Parent Class



Administration - Executive
Jane Huang Executive Officer - Finance
Erica Blake Resource Manager
Administration - General
Candice-Lee Dennis Office Manager
Sharleen Morrow Administration Assistant
Melanie Smith Administration Assistant
Valerie Wee Administration Assistant
Elizabeth Dixon Administration Assistant / ICT Helpdesk
Sally White Administration Assistant / Finance Assistant
Anita Hsu Administration Assistant / Teacher Aide
Administration - International
Diane McIntyre Director of International Education / Sales and Marketing
Amber Shorey International Relations
Melanie Smith Homestay Manager


Support Staff

Sharleen Brown Teacher Aide Special Needs
Andrea Wade-Gill Teacher Aide Special Needs
Penny Teague Teacher Aide Special Needs
Mieke Jennings Teacher Aide Special Needs
Wendy Lake Teacher Aide Special Needs
Dove Huang Teacher Aide Special Needs
Lizelle Dumas Teacher Aide Special Needs
Clare Burton Teacher Aide Special Needs
Eiman Farid Science Technician
Ruby Chen Mandarin Language Assistant
Mony Neale School Chaplain
Joseph Brown New Era Ltd - ICT Support


Property Management

John Campbell Property Manager
Ronald Dragt Grounds Person
Andrew McCallum Grounds Person

Satellite Class

Susan Jackson Teacher
Sonya Kim Teacher Aide
Michelle Chen Teacher Aide