From the PrincipalĀ“s Desk


My name is Alan McIntyre and I am very proud to have been Principal of Owairoa Primary School since 1990 and I feel honoured to be leading such an excellent learning community.
Owairoa Primary School is a well established state educational school that has a tradition of excellence and seeks to continue the high standards the past has endowed.
The vision for our school is symbolised as a Pathway to the Future, where we lead children along the pathway which prepares them for the future and challenges them to continually strive for new horizons.
As part of this vision, our school achieves high levels of academic success, especially in the key focus areas of literacy and numeracy.
Providing for each student as an individual is paramount and great store is placed on the emerging independence of children in their learning.
We have the professional team to provide the rich, stimulating, formal childhood learning experiences so necessary in the early years of learning.
As the children progress through the school we provide a comprehensive programme to cater for their academic, social, spiritual, emotional and physical needs.
The school prides itself by encouraging positive interaction with parents through our desire to build and maintain high levels of co-operation between the home and the school. We value the concept of the Owairoa “family” which encompasses the child, staff, parents and the wider community.
Choosing the right school for your child is one of the most important decisions that you will make. In welcoming new parents to the school please feel assured that our staff has a genuine interest in your child's education, welfare and development.
I extend to all prospective parents a personal invitation to phone me on (09)538 0060 or e-mail me directly on  to arrange a time to discuss the positive educational opportunities we are able to offer for your child and for a chance for you to view the school in action.  
To get a real insight into our school, I recommend you come personally, preferably on a normal working day where you can see and feel why we are proud of our school, its facilities, its ethos and most of all our students.
I can guarantee you a warm welcome.
Alan S. McIntyre,
J.P.,B.Ed.,GDITE.,Dip.Tchg., Cert Sch Mkting(CMS).,A.N.Z.E.I.