Pathway to the Future

Our vision is to lead students along a pathway that challenges them to continually strive for new horizons, as we prepare them for the future.

Our mission is to provide pathways to access challenging, stimulating, quality education that creates self motivated, lifelong learners equipped for a changing world.

Our Strategic Intent is TIED to the following strategies, which underpin everything we do:
Team work
Ethical behaviour
Data and Research


At Owairoa Primary School we acknowledge the value of Goal Setting. We have set goals where Student Learning and Self Management are the focus for all that we do

Focus Goals

  • To encourage a climate of excellence, innovation and enterprise in all we do
  • To provide a solid learning foundation for all pupils in Literacy and Numeracy
  • To provide innovative, up to date programmes based on the current NZ Curriculum which enable each student to be in a focussed learning environment.  We maximise learning opportunities so that the students are inspired to learn, be challenged, and are able to achieve individual success
  • To foster a school community climate which promotes the 'Owairoa family' concept through inclusiveness, our values and developing self esteem and self worth
  • To monitor learning trends and needs and to continue to plan and report in partnership with the school community
  • To continue to attract and retain quality staff
  • To create an environment which is compliant with all legislation and also promotes and safeguards the physical and emotional well being of all of our students
  • To create a school culture which respects ethnic and cultural diversity
  • To honour the Treaty of Waitangi and the place of the Tangata Whenua


At Owairoa Primary School we value the concept of Family. We encourage by word and action the importance of the 'Owairoa Family' being inclusive of students, staff, parents and the wider community.

Our Key Values

We will RISE to the challenge by developing a school culture based on

R  Respect - we will encourage the members of our learning community to have respect for themselves, their property, their parents, their peers, our bicultural heritage and the environment

I  Integrity - we will foster honesty, responsibility, accountability and ethical actions

S Self esteem - we will endeavour to develop this so that everyone has confidence in their own value and is able to make decisions and stand by them

E Excellence - we will strive for excellence in behaviour, work and grooming.  We will aim high and persevere in the face of difficulties