Bullying - Zero Tolerance

We have a zero tolerance of bullying at Owairoa Primary School.  We take seriously and will investigate any incident that is reported to us.  We intend to eliminate these hurtful behaviours and request that parents report any incident via email to bullying@owairoa.school.nz or by phoning the school office on 538 0060

Head Lice [Nits]

Head lice is a common problem in all New Zealand schools. Owairoa Primary School has several policies in place for this reason. Policies include keeping all long hair tied up, no sharing of sunhats and swimming caps to be worn in the school pool.

If your child develops head lice please inform the school office immediately.  We can offer advice and will send a letter home to your childs classroom to advise all parents to check their children’s hair. The letter we send home has a slip at the bottom which is returned to the classroom teacher advising them that a parent has been notified and has checked their childs hair.  Once your child has been treated they may return to school.

Medication Procedures

All of our office staff hold current First Aid Certificates.  If any student requires medication at school a ‘Notification of Medical Condition & Permission to administer form’ must be filled out by a Parent or Caregiver. These forms are available from the Office.  The Office staff can not administer any medication without this form.

The medication is stored in the fridge or a locked cabinet in the Sickbay, and administered by the Office staff at the time indicated by the Parent or Caregiver.  Log books are kept in the Sickbay and are filled in every time a student enters the Sickbay area for treatment or medication.

School Chaplain

Mony Neale has been our Owairoa School Chaplain since 2014. Although she provides Christian support where appropriate, she also provides practical non-religious support for those of other or no religion.
Her role is supporting students, their families and school staff by being a caring listener.  Children can arrange to be seen by putting their names in the letter box by her office [beside Room 10], or parents can contact her via the school office to request their children be seen.
Her usual day is Friday from 10am to 3pm.
She is a qualified Chaplain having completed the initial and ongoing State School Chaplaincy training requirements, and she is also a fully trained Pharmacist.  She is married to Tim and has three children. She is supervised by the Churches Education Commission, and directly reports to Mrs Bull and Mrs Gresham at Owairoa Primary School.
Mrs Neale’s role is seen by the Board of Trustees and Mr McIntyre as a beneficial addition to the support services at Owairoa which help students to do their best educationally, socially and psychologically.

Seasons Programme

Each year the school has the Seasons programmes running on a needs basis. The trained Seasons staff come in on a weekly basis and run the programme. Signed Parental agreement is essential for the children to attend this very worthwhile programme. Please contact the Deputy Principal to have your child included.

Seasons is a peer support programme for children between the ages of 5-12 who have gone through grief or loss such as the separation/divorce of parents or death of a significant person in their life. Each group will have children of a similar age that have experienced similar loss/losses.
The group goes for ten weeks with an hourly session each week. During these weeks the children will have a chance to talk about different feelings and will be able to tell their story of loss. These groups are confidential with other children’s stories but if a child would like to talk to people about themselves then they are encouraged to do so.
There is also a group for children who have close contact with anyone who is terminally ill.
A separate group can also be run for children who are New Immigrants – this gives these children support as many of them have left behind not only close friends but also relatives, and pets, and their sense of loss and how to move on with new challenges is the focal point of this programme.