"Top Performing School" - ERO

Owairoa Primary School has a lot to be proud of with its on-going positive ERO reviews and having twice been described by the Education Review Office as a “Top Performing School”. 


A summary of comments from the latest ERO Report are as follows:

“The school’s culture is one where children and teachers work and learn together cooperatively. Inclusion of families is a key value actively promoted by all who participate in and contribute to the school’s success. The school acts as a community hub and parents report high levels of confidence in its philosophy and learning culture. The curriculum values of respect, integrity, excellence and self-esteem are effectively promoted and are an evident part of children’s learning. The school’s curriculum is also enriched through a focus on eco-sustainability. School grounds are well maintained, attractively planted and encourage student pride in the school. The calm and inclusive school tone promotes children’s wellbeing.”


“Owairoa School’s curriculum is well aligned to The New Zealand Curriculum (NZC). It is a values based curriculum that promotes student respect for one another and strong connections with the local community. Teaching teams are provided with high quality curriculum leadership to support and enhance their delivery of the school’s learning programmes. Teachers' practice is underpinned by a school-wide expectation that formative learning is a key aspect of classroom practice. These formative strategies equip children to take more responsibility for their learning. Within the curriculum there is emphasis on the importance of key competencies such as thinking, participating and contributing. The school’s values promote social connectedness as a positive basis for learning. A focus on co-operative and collaborative learning also promotes children’s well being. Literacy and numeracy are appropriately prioritised in the curriculum as foundation learning areas. Other subject areas in the NZC document are positioned within the school’s inquiry programme that investigates various topics and themes and allows children to have some ownership of their learning. The school’s planned e-learning vision is at the implementation stage and is designed to further enhance the quality of the school’s future learning processes.”


“The school is very well placed to sustain ongoing development and capability. There is a culture of continuous improvement at all levels of the school. The board of trustees is experienced and supportive of school leadership. Trustees bring varied community and business expertise to the governance role. Board resourcing decisions are based on student learning needs. There is long-term and experienced leadership at all levels of the school and new leadership is grown and encouraged from within. The principal and other school leaders are an effective group of professionals who continue to be active contributors to local clusters and networks that promote initiatives for educational improvement.”


ERO is likely to carry out the next review in four-to-five years.


Education Review Office
Education Review Report February 2015


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