Board of Trustees

Chairperson Bruce Howard
Deputy Chairperson/ Property Colin Cole
Equal Employment Opportunities Megan Bowles
Property Lincoln McKenzie
Board Professional Development Glenn Robson
Communications Jenni Counane
Occupational Health and Safety Shaun Rice
Principal Alan McIntyre
Staff Representative Christine Bull

Our school is governed by a nine member Board of Trustees, consisting of seven members, the Principal and a Staff Representative.  The Board is elected by the school community every 3 years. The next elections are to be held in 2019.

The monthly Board of Trustees Meetings are held in the Howard Room, starting at 7pm.  Parents and the wider community are welcome to attend.


Board of Trustees Meeting Dates 2019

Tuesday 19 February

Tuesday 19 March

Tuesday 9 April

Tuesday 21 May

Tuesday 18 June

Tuesday 23 July

Tuesday 20 August

Tuesday 17 September

Tuesday 22 October

Tuesday 19 November

Tuesday 17 December [6pm]


Board Member Profiles

We are very thankful to our supportive Board of Trustees members, and are proud to give them the opportunity to introduce themselves to our school community....

Bruce Howard, Chairperson

I am a Detective Sergeant with 34 years’ service in the New Zealand Police and married with two children. I have a longstanding commitment to Owairoa Primary with a son teaching at the school and a granddaughter who has moved on to intermediate this year. I have had the privilege of serving on the Board of Trustees for many years, most of those as the Chairperson of the Board.

I bring to the Board, experience, stability, proven performance and the ability to make reasoned decisions. I enjoy a positive relationship with the principal, Senior Management, and Staff of the school. This relationship is based upon trust and respect and encourages all members of the term to work hard for the common good. I have the desire to support the school as it moves forward, maintaining its reputation of excellence and staying at the cutting edge of primary education.

I believe strongly in parental choice and advocate for the rights of our students, parents, and the wider community. I am an advocate of school fees/donations, as they assist the Board of Trustees in paying for a plethora of services not funded through the Ministry of Education grants.

Owairoa Primary School has again grown to a stage where the Board have been required (by the Ministry of Education) to put in an enrolment scheme. The growth in the school has put pressure on classroom space resulting in the temporary classrooms currently placed on the field. It is a priority for the Board to have these replaced with permanent classrooms in another part of the school. Beca Architectural Consultants has developed an exciting plan for the schools development which in the short term will provide a solution to the classroom shortage and in the long term an upgrading of many of the facilities at Owairoa.

Owairoa is moving into a time of exciting changes and developments and there is a need to maintain stability of direction for the Board of Trustees to see these changes to their natural conclusion. I look forward to playing a part in this exhilarating future for Owairoa.

I believe the Board of Trustees at Owairoa do an outstanding job on your behalf in deciding the direction of the school and providing an environment where your children can excel. Thank you for your support of the school.

Colin Cole, Deputy Chairperson / Property

It has been a real privilege and pleasure to have served on the Owairoa Primary School Board of Trustees for the last fourteen years.  I am a member of the Owairoa Primary School Community, my two children went to Owairoa Primary School and my granddaughter will enrol at Owairoa in the future.

My tenure on the Board of Trustees has been one of immense satisfaction where I have been able to work collaboratively with my Board colleagues to support the Principal and Senior Management of the school to promote the best educational opportunities for the students in our care.

In my role as Board Property Officer, I have been involved in many property improvements at the school. These accomplishments included the upgrade of the Room 1-4 and the Rooms 5-9 block to reflect a modern learning environment, the new hall floor, the fitness trail construction and a more latterly the planning and development of a major new playground project yet to be constructed for the school students.

I am also currently involved with Capital Works Projects at Owairoa which involve more complex multi-million dollar negotiations with the Ministry of Education and these include leaky buildings remediation, site drainage issues and the development of a School Master Property Plan.  Each of these projects involve an in-depth knowledge of the schools site and facilities for which I have the experience and a proven performance and positive track record.

I believe in the school, I respond to the students, staff, and parents aspirations, I enjoy the satisfaction of proving stimulating learning experiences for the students and I seek your vote to help me continue down this positive pathway of supporting the school into the future.

Megan Bowles, EEO

My name is Megan Bowles and I have been privileged to serve on the Owairoa Primary School Board of Trustees for approximately 12 years.

I currently work for NZ Playcentre Federation within the Centre Support Team, working with both families and their centres.  I also work within the Management Team assisting centres with their administration, and facilitate a number of SPACE programmes working with parents with new babies.

We have three children who all attended Owairoa Primary School, and they are moving or have moved through their school lives well prepared, due to the excellent primary education they received at Owairoa.

Owairoa Primary School provides the best quality primary school education in our area, in my opinion.  I am grateful for the support of the school community in re-electing me to the Board, and I am committed to ensuring that it remains at the current high level of achievement that we all want for our children’s education.

Lincoln McKenzie, Property

Hi my name is Lincoln McKenzie and I am married to Tina and a father of three children. My older children have both been through Owairoa Primary School and had the best start to their education. My youngest is 6 and is enjoying Year Two.

I am responsible for the Property Portfolio and I have also worked with staff on the Health and Safety reform.

As an active parent of the school community I have chaperoned school camps, assisted with school galas and discos. In the community I am currently a committee member at Pakuranga Athletics Club with Junior Track & Field and involved with Counties, Auckland and Trans-Tasman Athletics.

I own a family business that’s been operating for over 35 years. My experience encompasses manufacturing, wholesaling and property management.

I am extremely proud that the Education Review Office described Owairoa Primary School as a “Top Performing School” and recognised us as a leading educational facility in New Zealand. I look forward to continue working together to ensure quality education and excellence for our children.

Glenn Robson, Board PD

My name is Glenn Robson and I have been serving on the Owairoa Primary School Board of Trustees for a number of years. I am excited and feel privileged to be part of the Owairoa family. I am married to Deborah and we have two daughters that have both benefited from the Owairoa experience.

During my time on the Board, I have tried to look at the big picture and make decisions that will be for the greater good. I have been involved with the professional development of the Board and many other projects to enhance our school and help give the best opportunities for all of our students.

I believe that the Owairoa values of respect, integrity, self-esteem and excellence are a beneficial grounding for our students to learn and grow to be self-managing and to become the best they can be in a safe and enjoyable learning environment.

I am proud to be part of the Pathway for the Future.

Jenni Cournane, Communications

I’m Jenni Cournane.  As a supportive family of the school, I have three wonderful children, my eldest is attending Pakuranga College and our two youngest are currently students here at Owairoa Primary School.

I regard myself as fortunate to have the opportunity to be involved in my children’s education, starting with Howick Playcentre where I gained experienced in pre-school education and seeing how involvement in my child’s learning was not only good for them but also rewarding for myself.

Now that we are at Owairoa Primary School, I have carried on my involvement by being an active member of the Parents Teacher Association [PTA] where I have assisted with our annual Gala for several years. I have contributed to the organisation of major school events and more recently have played a major role with the planning and management of the ‘Rock Around The Clock’ school family dance evening. One of my other commitments to the school is the management of the Second Hand Uniform Shop which is an appreciated service to the schools parents. 

As a Board of Trustees member, I believe we are fortunate to have a dedicated staff who are committed to our school. It is our job to support and encourage the Principal, to lead the school in a positive direction. I also believe that strong community is at the heart of education and that School Boards need active parents like myself to represent us, our children and the wider Owairoa Community, to give governance to the school and to continue to inspire a community of passionate learners.

Shaun Rice, OSH

I've been a part of the extended Owairoa family now for well over a decade and I'm hoping to continue to contribute to the School in this different and but more constructive way. I'm married to Kirsty Rice, a long-serving teacher at the school and the two eldest of our three kids are currently enrolled here at Owairoa Primary.

Through my work at the Auckland Botanic Gardens as a team leader and health and safety co-ordinator, I understand the need to ensure that a place of work (such as a school) is safe for all of those who work, learn and play within it. Keeping a school a safe environment involves both engagement with and commitment from the Board, staff, parents, students and other visitors to the school. It is in the interests of everyone who is connected to Owairoa Primary, that those who come to the school each day, return home safe and sound afterwards.

Owairoa Primary has long had a reputation as a school that sets high standards in terms of work ethic and behaviour, for both its staff and students. It has also for a number of years had a strong culture of family and social values, as well as being seen as a safe environment for parents to send their children to learn and develop. These points are some of the key reasons for its ongoing success and why it continues to be desirable school for parents to enrol their kids. As a member of the Board, I'd like to play a part in ensuring that these key strengths - amongst many others - continue to remain so, long into the future.