Senior School Blog

A summary of the exciting events in our Year 5 and Year 6 classes....

We’re Having a Whale of a Time!

Room 24 using their drafts to create electronic logos

The school year might be creeping closer to a conclusion but that has not managed to prevent the creative juices from flowing in the Senior School.

With a helping hand from Ms Sealy and Mrs Maas, Room 25 used their newly obtained knowledge of New Zealand’s marine life to cut out, assemble and paint models of blue whales. Fortunately for the students, they were scaled and not life-sized!

In Room 24, tomorrow’s budding graphic designers were busy drafting logos for their own video games before using their digital skills to create electronic versions for their scrapbooks. If the exciting and unique ideas they produced are anything to go by, we may have a few future computer game engineers on our hands too!

An Explosive Lesson

Young geologists in the making

Middle and Senior School classes were fortunate to enjoy a visit from two Auckland Museum Geologists this week. Students discovered that Auckland is built on a, mainly extinct, volcanic field – with many of its old volcanoes remaining easy to spot in our communities.

All were amazed to find out that, although now being around 600 years old, Rangitoto is still classed as a very young volcano. Other local maunga that were discussed included Ōhuiarangi (Pigeon Mountain) as well as Maungarei (Mount Wellington).

This was followed by some activities where students could test out what they had learnt, by matching the correct types of rocks to the type of volcano. All were very engaged – we may have some future volcanologists in our midst!

Stepping out of the Comfort Zone

Students in Room 20 practicing in their “Speaking Circle”

Over the course of the term the Senior School has been working hard as all nine classes have shared a focus on speech writing.

Making speeches offers mixed reactions from students to begin with. We have the learners that are terrified of the word “speech” and we have learners that thrive on getting up in front of their peers and delivering something great!

Our goal is to have all students get up there and give it a go. This is seen as a very important topic as the skills they learn will be valuable during their intermediate years and beyond.

It is always a highlight when you see a student who was once a little nervous about speaking and then they deliver a riveting speech that has the class focussed and intrigued.

Congratulations to all the Year 5 and 6 learners who stepped out of their comfort zone!

Born to Be Wild

Millie from Room 24 dressed up as Jane from Tarzan

With the untimely return of Covid in the community, Owairoa unfortunately had to cancel its highly anticipated jungle themed Book Week, but this did not stop students and teachers alike from getting into the spirit of things and enjoying the fun from a distance.

Lots of creative flair was on offer when it came to creating the best possible ‘fancy-dress photo’ with no obstacle proving too large or any tree too tall in order to strike the perfect pose. Mr Bradley couldn’t possibly miss out on the action and appeared to be a bouncing ball of energy when wearing his Tigger onesie.

The sparks of imagination did not stop there, as some children put together impressive diorama’s illustrating exotic animal habitats. With the teachers refusing to be left behind, Book Week boards are being put together with the assistance of the ‘cheeky monkeys’ in their classes.

We’re ‘Over the Moon’ to be Learning About Space…

Year 5/6 learners scaling the distances between the Sun, Moon and Earth

Science lessons for Year 5 and 6 have been ‘out of this world’ since Term 3 started. The students have been learning all about the Solar System and where we fit into it. They have looked at the rotation of the Earth on its axis and how that relates to the movement of the Moon, the Earth’s orbit around the Sun and how and when the world experiences different seasons.

As well as that, things took a mathematical turn when the students explored the real distances between the three celestial bodies. They considered these mind-blowing figures and attempted to scale them in order to create their own tiny versions depicting the distance between the Moon, Earth and the Sun.

Kicking, Running, Shooting and Passing

Senior students from Room 20 developing their jumping skills

Term 3 is always one to look forward to for many students at Owairoa as it is the beginning of the winter sport season! Mr Basson has been working very hard with the students to improve their fitness and skill levels in preparation for what is to come.

We kick off the term with the Boys Football competition. This is a highly contested event between many other schools in the Howick and Pakuranga area where in 2019 Owairoa narrowly missed out on the final. The Girls Football team are looking to retain the trophy which was won in incredible fashion last year!

This will be followed up by Rugby, Netball and of course the Cross Country which will be taking place throughout the term as part of a friendly competition between the other local schools.

Good luck to all our students that will be representing our school!

Choo Choo, Full ISTEAM Ahead…

Room 25 – A scaled model of a wartime hospital

With the school running as close to ‘pre-Covid’ normal as possible, the seniors have ploughed straight back into their wacky, wonderful ISTEAM programmes.

Room 25 has been learning about everything World War 1 and were challenged in teams to create their own unique freeze frames depicting a moment in time. One group in particular thought outside the box and built a scaled model of a war time hospital, with miniature beds to boot.

We move from 1918 to the 22nd century where Room 26 has been thinking about what houses will look like in the distant future. In groups, they thought about possible technological advances, environmental friendliness, and the efficient use of space.

It is safe to say that with these whizz kids as prospective leaders, the future of Auckland’s architecture certainly looks ‘bright’.

Back at School and Raring to Go!

Senior students getting ready for milk distribution by helping to unload the Fonterra Milk Truck!

Since the Level 3 restriction was lifted, Owairoa is open for business! The senior school has been really enjoying being back in the classroom and picking up their learning where they left off.

Although it has been a bit of a learning curve for all and adjusting to our new normal has been a little different, the children have been learning some valuable practices to adhere to in the future. Sanitizing, hand-washing and general classroom cleanliness are the standouts!

We are continuing to focus on Reading, Writing, and Mathematics to ensure students continues to have a solid grounding in these areas. The rest of the school programme includes iSTEAM, Science, PE and Sport, Music, Mandarin and Art. These areas have been going superbly and the children are still producing some brilliant work!

In the coming weeks we will have some sport and cultural programmes start up again and by the sounds of it, the students are very excited with the idea of this!

Citrus Keeping Us Smiling

Citrus Keeping Us Smiling

On our return to school after the lockdown period, students and staff were met by an abundance of citrus fruit ready to be picked, at various places within our school grounds. This year’s mild temperatures have resulted in our school’s citrus fruit trees producing a crop the size of which we have not seen for a while!

In our first week back, over three lunchtime periods, the Kaitiaki (guardians of the Environment for our school) eagerly picked and sorted fruit, after which this was distributed to all Junior School classes. Each Year 1 and Year 2 student received their own delicious piece of fruit. Of course the Kaitiaki sampled plenty themselves too! Remaining Middle and Senior School students can expect a piece of fruit too over the next few weeks.

We are very lucky to have so many fruit producing trees and bushes around our school. These include: mandarins, oranges, lemons, feijoas, peaches, plums, apples, pears and even macadamia nuts! It is great for students to be able to enjoy ‘home grown produce’ this way and learn about caring for our environment.

Delightful Distance Learning!

A student from Room 20 working hard on his Maths at home

Over the past eight weeks New Zealand has changed radically! The country went into lockdown and we experienced life as we have never experienced it before.

On Thursday 25th March the country went into lockdown which means we had to close the school early and miss two weeks of Term One. This proved to be a bit of a challenge, as nobody was as prepared as anyone would have liked due to the short notice.

As soon as the “school holidays” finished during lockdown, the students, parents and teachers of Owairoa were tasked with tackling our new normal! Distance Learning. The teachers worked very hard to plan programmes for the students to complete and they were very pleased with the outcomes! We were receiving a lot of work each day which truly proved the wonderful work ethic that Owairoa students have.

A lot of credit must go to the parents and caregivers of the children. Without their commitment and enthusiasm, it would have been a very difficult programme to run.

We are all very happy to be back at school and are looking forward to the term ahead!

Keeping Science Simple!

Room 20 students getting involved with Skittles

Over the past 5 weeks the Owairoa Senior students have been engaging in scientific experiments. The investigations have ranged from good hygiene practice of washing hands to watching colours run.

With resources from a specialist science teacher from a local Intermediate school, the children in Room 20 were treated to a display of colour. The students were learning about diffusion and how different liquids influence dissolving colour.

The students were engaged, and it was great to see them excited about what science has to offer. These experiences are great learning opportunities and at Owairoa our well-resourced Science room and focus on Science will without doubt will help all students succeed in Science.

We are looking forward to seeing more of these types of opportunities throughout the year and beyond!

Ahoy There!

Room 22 showing off their sailing skills

Monday marked the first day of sailing, as Room 22 and Mr Bradley embarked on an exciting trip to Bucklands Beach Yacht club. There was not a cloud in the sky and the Auckland sun shone brightly, as the children enjoyed a short bus ride down to Little Bucks Beach.

They were met by the experienced and enthusiastic members and volunteers in charge of running the ‘Have a Go’ initiative, a programme designed to give local children the opportunity to try sailing in a safe and well-managed environment. They are taught skills required to be successful such as: rigging a boat, harnessing the wind and how to steer effectively.

The children had a brilliant time and did not want the experience to end. The rest of the senior school classes are in for an absolute treat!

Exciting Times Ahead for 2020

Senior students back into learning

Welcome back to 2020. We have welcomed two new teachers to the Senior School this year – Miss Hewlett in Room 27 and Mrs Obbes in Room 23.

We have made an excellent start to the year with nine classes, four in Team 5 led by Mr Bradley, and five in Team 6 led by Miss Findley. Learning programmes are up and running in each room and the students are settling in well.

We are looking forward to a busy term full of exciting learning opportunities for our learners to enjoy. This year the Seniors will enjoy an EOTC programme each Term. This Term they will have the opportunity to learn to sail. Seniors will continue to have an ISTEAM day every Thursday.

We welcome new families to the Senior School and look forward to meeting you throughout the year.

The Palaeontologists Arrive

Excitedly viewing the fossilized dinosaur poo

The students in Room 20 had a wonderful time learning about dinosaurs during Book Week and were so excited when a special team of palaeontologists from Auckland Museum was able to come and visit their class to give a presentation. The palaeontologists were phenomenal and held all the students spell bound as they narrated the many challenges of finding substantial fossils around the world. They explained the difference between true and trace fossils and had brought several collections of fossils from the museum to show to the students.

During the exploration of the fossils a sudden loud ‘eeewwwwwww!!!!!’ filled the classroom. Everyone turned to look at the source of the noise and it turned out that one teams’ fossil was a coprolite – also known as fossilized poo. The palaeontologists explained that all the fossils that were brought that day were replicas of real fossils in museums around the world but the only ‘real’ fossil that they’d brought that day was the coprolite which was worth a fortune! The palaeontologists then explained to the students how scientists such as archaeologists and palaeontologists use objects from the past, such as fossils, to gain important information to guide our decision making for the future.

It was a fantastic visit and an experience Room 20 students will always remember!   

Senior Athletics Day

Putting their fitness to the test!

On Thursday the 31st of October the senior school were involved in Owairoa’s annual Athletics Day. The sun was out in full force making it a beautiful day to spend outside. Activities included the traditional athletics events of; high jump, long jump, sprints and softball throw along with fun activities such a tug of war, dodgeball and other sporty games. Thanks to Mr Rossiter and Mr Basson for organising a super fun day!

Looking ahead to next week, senior school students will begin their PAT testing so they are ready to discuss and set their learning goals; in readiness for parent teacher conferences in the coming weeks.

Ōhuiarangi Tree Planting

Owairoa planting at Ohuiarangi

The planting event on Wednesday 28 August at the wetlands of Ōhuiarangi (Pigeon Mountain) was a great success. Thirty of our students attended, supported by seven parents and school staff. There were a number of schools there at the same time as us, which meant that at times we couldn’t see the plants amongst all the children! It was great to see many ex-Owairoa students also taking part with their Intermediate schools.

A range of native trees, shrubs and grasses were planted, in an effort to re-establish the original ecology of this area at the base of Ōhuiarangi. The plants have already started to transform the area, and are well worth a visit.

Our students were well prepared for the occasion and behaved wonderfully. The parents that came along all got stuck in too. Mr and Mrs Small, who gladly shared the expertise they gained through the Trees for Survival programme with the students, and Mr McCallum were great assets to have with us as well.

EPro8 Challenge

Owairoa Wins EPro8 Heat!

Friday 16 August saw the Somerville Intermediate gymnasium transform itself into a haven of gears, wheels, pulleys, joiners, nuts and bolts, tools, aluminium framing, motors and electronics.

Owairoa sent two teams to compete in the Auckland heats of the Vector EPro8 challenge. The Secret Society of Engineering Geniuses consisting of Cole McCabe, Rylee Barrett, Cody Taylor and Mia Van Asten were all EPro8 rookies and came a respectable sixth.

The Braintechs consisted of Jake Newbould, Haolin Li, Kai Li and Yousef Alshadiefat. This team saw a clever way of doubling up their points at the beginning of the competition and through teamwork and problem solving never gave up their lead, winning in impressive fashion! They will advance to the finals later in the year.

Special thanks to Sheryl Taylor for helping with transport on the day.

Run fast! Speak Clearly! Let’s have fun with iSTEAM!

Cross Country Training

Term 3 has already proved to be a very busy term. In the first 4 weeks, all classes have International Students from around the world. Our students are proud to share their culture and knowledge about the world with each other.

Over the last 3 weeks, we have been training twice a week, in between the rain showers, for the Cross Country. Last week we held the School Cross Country. The weather held out and everyone ran or walked the course. Everyone cheered on each other with enthusiasm. Well done to the winners, Kiri, Alex, Denika and Sam who are, along with the other place getters, off to the Interschool Cross Country this week, hopefully, if the rain stays away.

Other major events that the senior students are working on are writing speeches, continuing their iSTEAM journey and working on their Semester Two learning goals.

Hello, Kia Ora, Nĭ Hăo, Goeie Mora

Marching in the International Day Parade

Term 3 is going to be full of exciting learning opportunities. We are currently writing speeches, hosting international students, and preparing for the annual Cross Country.

Our International Students will be joining our school family for times spanning from one to several weeks. They have been integrated into our class programmes completing English activities, Maths, science experiments and musical theatre.

On Friday 2 August we celebrated International Day. Students were excited to come to school in their national dress and share foods from their country. Some of these foods included; biltong, koeksisters, dumplings, pork buns, panikeke, lamingtons, pizza and much more!

A highlight of the day was the International Day concert where students were able to watch a variety of international performances such as Samoan, Scottish and Irish dances as well as a Chinese drum performance and some French singers!

CCC … Conferences, Chickens and Concerts

Welcoming the newest members to our Owairoa Family

During Week 7 the annual Student-Led Conferences were held. During these conferences, students received their Semester 1 Reports. Senior students enjoyed sharing their assessment results, published work and next learning steps with their family and whanau.

During iSTEAM this term, Room 21 conducted research on the benefits of keeping chickens. Room 21 shared this research with Mr McIntyre during the Principal’s Assembly. During Week 8, three chickens arrived at Owairoa. Room 21 will be overseeing the upkeep of these chickens.

Songs and dances have been learned and it is nearly time for the musical theatre concert. Children have been looking forward to sharing their learning with their peers, family and whanau. 

Chaotian and Cirque Grande Visit

Students reflect on and self-assess their artwork.

During Week 4 of Term 2, Owairoa Primary School hosted a group of students and a Teacher from our Chinese sister school, Chaotian Primary. On Tuesday, some senior and middle school students were involved in a welcoming assembly for them. Our Chaotian guests were serenaded by bamboo flutes played by the Chaotian students, as they entered our school hall. Owairoa’s Senior Kapa Haka group performed and students sung our school song.

This week a group of four acrobats from the visiting circus, Cirque Grande, visited our school and put on a performance. Students were amazed by their flexibility, balance and contorting abilities. 

Reports have been written and it is nearly time for parent teacher conferences. The children have been looking over their assessments and reflecting upon where they need to go next in their learning so they can share their results with their parents.

Looking Back on Challenge Week

Some of the fun of Challenge Week 2019

At the end of last term the senior school were fortunate enough to participate in Challenge Week. This is the second year the school has run challenge week, and is a week packed full of awesome outdoor activities and challenges, as well as extras such as art, crafts and first aid.

Rock Up was as much a fan favourite as ever, with students trying their hand at various team building challenges, as well as paintball and rock climbing. Plus the whole court area was taken up with fantastic inflatable activities that kids knocking each other off wobbling posts, boxing with huge gloves and jumping about in the castle. Despite some weather issues the whole week was fun and seamless, and everyone had massive smiles on their faces heading into the holidays.

On your marks, get set, GO!

Our students giving it a go

Our sporting year has well and truly kicked off in the Owairoa senior school! We’ve had some great events on, with some fabulous results, and most importantly a lot of fun and a lot of kids giving things a go.

Interschool Swimming Sports took place a couple of weeks ago, held at Lloyd Elsmore Pool. Owairoa took out the team relay for 9 year olds and the individual events were dominated by Kiri Yamagami and Terence Kang, who won their freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke events.

Our Softball team also came away with a 7-1 win against fierce rivals Cockle Bay School, There was even a surprise cool down, with the sprinklers coming on half way through the first innings!

The Hilton Cup, the inter-class netball competition, is underway as well. This is a great chance for students to show their leadership skills, as well as their teamwork and netball finesse.

Six weeks into 2019’s school year!

Room 21 students dissecting beans for iSTEAM

All classes are making the most of the beautiful weather and are enjoying mastering various swimming skills in our school pool.

Following the House Leader elections, eight House Leaders and eight Deputy House Leaders have been appointed. Along with this, Year 6 Students have been assigned various jobs and responsibilities around the school. All students look forward to starting these in the coming weeks.

During week 5, a range of tests were sat by all senior school students. The results of these will be discussed with students and stored in the students’ portfolios.

The Hilton Cup is well underway. This is a netball competition between all the Senior school classes. The winning class team will receive the Hilton Cup at the end of Term 1.

A Rip, Roar and Bang!

One of our students proudly wearing her new house leader hat

2019 has started with a rip, roar and a bang in the Owairoa senior school! Year 5s are getting settled into their new classes, and learning their new responsibilities as role models for the whole school.

Some of our Year 6s have already started their jobs! We have road patrollers, bell ringers, mediators and all sorts of roles that teach our students about responsibility and time management. So far, they’ve been doing an excellent job!

House leaders have been chosen, two for each house and two deputies, and our young leaders got to experience a day of leadership training with returning guest Garth Collings. You’ll be able to spot these students at lunch time with their house leader hats on.

And at last, everyone will be breathing a sigh of relief, as TEST WEEK is officially over and we can all get on with the job of making our brains stronger through learning. We can’t wait to get stuck in to the year.

Welcome to the Senior School, 2019

Senior students from Room 26 building structures to support heavy weights on their I STEAM day

Welcome back to 2019. We have welcomed two new teachers to the Senior School this year – Miss Adair in Room 24 and Mr Bradley in Room 22.

We have made an excellent start to the year with ten classes, five in Team 5 led by Mr Bradley, and five in Team 6 led by Miss Findley. Learning programmes are up and running in each room and the children are settling in well.

We are looking forward to a busy term full of exciting learning opportunities for our learners to enjoy. This term every Tuesday the Senior learners will be having an I STEAM day. STEAM is an integrated learning approach that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics to guide learner inquiry, dialogue, and thinking skills. We are excited about the new skills and knowledge I STEAM will help to develop in preparing our learners for the future. Later in the term we have our Challenge week to look forward to.

We welcome new families to the Senior School and look forward to meeting you throughout the year.


Certificate ready to be handed out to students

On Thursday afternoon we held our Annual Service Awards which thanks our Year 6 and some Year 5 students for all the Monitor jobs they completed this year. Some of which included: House Leaders, Road Patrol, Mediators, Bell Ringers, Librarians, Birthday Singers, Bushwalk and Chinese Garden Monitors.

We also gave out Service Awards to several students who went above and beyond; volunteering their services to other staff.

After that, many children received Honours Certificates for their excellent academic or sporting achievements.

All Year 6 students received a Graduation Certificate. We wish them well for the future and encourage them to follow their dreams.

Singing, dancing and prize giving!

Senior students enjoying the sunshine and helping the property team unload the school’s milk delivery

Week 6 was very busy. On Wednesday and Thursday evening, the three-way conferences took place. During these, students received their reports. Teachers and students enjoyed the opportunity to share their learning and achievements with their family and whanau.

During Weeks 6 and 7, the graduating Year 6 students had the opportunity to visit their new intermediate school. All students came back very excited and are looking forward to the new challenges they will face in 2019.

All students have been very busy, dancing and learning the lyrics to their musical theatre items that they will perform towards the end of term.

Looking ahead, in Week 8 the Senior School look forward to the annual Service Award Ceremony held in the school hall. In Week 9, the annual Prize Giving will take place in Elim Church on Monday evening. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Sprint, Throw, Jump

Jumping high and far

On Friday 2nd November, we held our annual Athletics Day. The weather was fine, and not too hot.

Over the course of the day, the children participated in Long Jump, High Jump, Sprints and Softball Throw. Added to the mix were fun activities such as relays, dodgeball and using the fitness trail. Fun was had by all. The best of the best are going onto the Interschool Athletics Competition in Week 5. Thanks go to Mr Rossiter for organising the day. It ran smoothly.

Thank you to all the parents who came along to support their children.

Time Flies when you are having fun!

Joshua and his Grandparents from South Africa enjoying Grandparents Day together

We cannot believe it is Term 4 already! So far, we have had a successful and enjoyable year. We are looking forward to the exciting events and activities planned for this last term of the 2018 school year!

During Week 1 students participated in the New Zealand ShakeOut. This was a nation-wide earthquake drill. It was important that students knew the correct action to take in the event of an earthquake. All students practised their Drop, Cover and Hold techniques. Students are currently completing the ShakeOut Challenge at home. When this is returned to school, students may choose a prize at the office!

Also during Week 1, we celebrated our annual Grandparents and Grand- friends’ day. Senior students could not wait to show off their classrooms as well as their wonderful work they have completed throughout the year.

Looking forward to Week 3… Senior students will take part in Owairoa’s annual Athletics Day. The senior school has been training hard in the long jump and high jump and are looking forward to the big day.

Clarity, Tone and Intonation

Senior School Speech Winners 2018

A few weeks ago we held out annual Year 5 and 6 Speech competition. The topics were wide ranging from: The Changemakers, Braces, Hugs, Nagging, DNA, Bacteria, Lego, Environmental concerns to Gender Equality. The winner was Tim Wallace speaking about Changemakers, second was Brooke Martin with DNA and Ella MacDonald came in third with nagging.

Tim went through to the Interschool Speech Finals, which were held in our school hall on the 18th September. There were many and varied speeches from contestants from the local schools. The winner was Kate from Buckland’s Beach Primary while Tim came third. Well done, Tim.

We have all worked extremely hard and are looking forward to the school Gala which will be held on the 29th September and the holidays which should have nice Spring weather.

Inventors Fair and Speeches

Room 21 students creating their own taniwhas

During Week 7 Owairoa held its Inventors Fair. All students took part researching, designing, producing and testing their own inventions. All students had a fabulous time in the hall viewing the fabulous inventions that students produced. Some inventions included lolly dispensers, automatic apple peelers, mugs that keep your drink warm, safes and hydraulic motors.

During Week 8 the senior school watched the speech finals in the hall. It was interesting listening to the variety of speeches presented. Well done to our first, second and third placements – Timothy Wallace, Brooke Martin and Ella MacDonald. We wish our first place winner luck as he competes in the zone speech finals to be held in Week 9.

During this week, Owairoa also took part in celebrating Maori Language Week. Students enjoyed taking part in a range of Te Reo Maori related activities.


Solid Liquid or Gas

Intense measuring to ensure fair testing

During Science this term we have been focusing on the Material World. Each week we are learning new science terminology and completing fair tests.

We learned how to classify materials as solids or liquids according to their properties. Then we  observed the viscosity of liquids and ordering them accordingly.  The next week we learned whether solids (e.g. marbles, sand, flour, cornflour) were insoluble or soluble and if the state was reversible or irreversible.  The children then observed the melting points of ice, butter and chocolate and that they all started to melt at different points. Using a thermometer was a skill, especially learning to read the scale accurately.

We are all learning a great deal about fair testing and that each stage needs to be conducted in the same manner so that our results are correct.

A busy week for all!

Room 21’s International Day shared lunch

On Tuesday, students participated in Owairoa’s annual Cross-Country event. This year students were given the option to compete competitively or for fun. Students enthusiastically cheered on their peers in the bright morning sun.

On Thursday we celebrated International Day. Students were excited to come to school in their national dress and share foods from their country, during the shared lunch. A highlight of the day was the International Day concert where students were able to watch a variety of international performances. We even had a Japanese drummer from Pakuranga College come and visit.

On Thursday the following week, the top 8 competitive runners competed in the Interschool Cross Country. Students enjoyed taking part in this event and representing their school.

Hallo! Ni Hao! Bula! Bonjour! Guten Tag!

Sorting solids into groups for the Material World, Science

We have started off the term with a bang. Term 3 is full of excitement and learning activities. We are writing speeches, hosting international students and running the Cross Country.

We have started writing our speeches and the topics are wide-ranging. Subjects include the environment, why we should have pets, factual reports about science, and many more ideas that whiz and whirr through the children’s brains.

Last week, we welcomed the first of our international students. They have joined our school family for times spanning one week to several weeks. They are integrated into our class programme completing English activities, Maths, science experiments and musical theatre. We will celebrate the different cultures on our International Day.

We have also been training, in between the rain showers, for the Cross Country which will be held in Week 3. We look forward to the usual race for the ones who love and enjoy running and a fast walking race – tailored to those who like walking but not running.

Bridge over Troubled Desks

Room 25 students enjoying the tech challenge

Over the last few weeks, each class has been working on a Technology Challenge. In groups of 3, the task was to make a newspaper bridge that would span a one metre gap between desks. We only had 5 minutes to plan and 30 minutes to make them.

There were all different kinds of designs from flat, to rolled to tunnel effects. Some were more effective than others. To test the designs, a toy car had to travel from one side to the other freely. Then the bridges were tested to see how much weight they could hold.

The best team from each class will go to the final which will be held next week.  This challenge encouraged the children to focus on their key competencies – participating and contributing and relating to others.