Senior School Blog

A summary of the exciting events in our Year 5 and Year 6 classes....

EPro8 Challenge

Owairoa Wins EPro8 Heat!

Friday 16 August saw the Somerville Intermediate gymnasium transform itself into a haven of gears, wheels, pulleys, joiners, nuts and bolts, tools, aluminium framing, motors and electronics.

Owairoa sent two teams to compete in the Auckland heats of the Vector EPro8 challenge. The Secret Society of Engineering Geniuses consisting of Cole McCabe, Rylee Barrett, Cody Taylor and Mia Van Asten were all EPro8 rookies and came a respectable sixth.

The Braintechs consisted of Jake Newbould, Haolin Li, Kai Li and Yousef Alshadiefat. This team saw a clever way of doubling up their points at the beginning of the competition and through teamwork and problem solving never gave up their lead, winning in impressive fashion! They will advance to the finals later in the year.

Special thanks to Sheryl Taylor for helping with transport on the day.

Run fast! Speak Clearly! Let’s have fun with iSTEAM!

Cross Country Training

Term 3 has already proved to be a very busy term. In the first 4 weeks, all classes have International Students from around the world. Our students are proud to share their culture and knowledge about the world with each other.

Over the last 3 weeks, we have been training twice a week, in between the rain showers, for the Cross Country. Last week we held the School Cross Country. The weather held out and everyone ran or walked the course. Everyone cheered on each other with enthusiasm. Well done to the winners, Kiri, Alex, Denika and Sam who are, along with the other place getters, off to the Interschool Cross Country this week, hopefully, if the rain stays away.

Other major events that the senior students are working on are writing speeches, continuing their iSTEAM journey and working on their Semester Two learning goals.

Hello, Kia Ora, Nĭ Hăo, Goeie Mora

Marching in the International Day Parade

Term 3 is going to be full of exciting learning opportunities. We are currently writing speeches, hosting international students, and preparing for the annual Cross Country.

Our International Students will be joining our school family for times spanning from one to several weeks. They have been integrated into our class programmes completing English activities, Maths, science experiments and musical theatre.

On Friday 2 August we celebrated International Day. Students were excited to come to school in their national dress and share foods from their country. Some of these foods included; biltong, koeksisters, dumplings, pork buns, panikeke, lamingtons, pizza and much more!

A highlight of the day was the International Day concert where students were able to watch a variety of international performances such as Samoan, Scottish and Irish dances as well as a Chinese drum performance and some French singers!

CCC … Conferences, Chickens and Concerts

Welcoming the newest members to our Owairoa Family

During Week 7 the annual Student-Led Conferences were held. During these conferences, students received their Semester 1 Reports. Senior students enjoyed sharing their assessment results, published work and next learning steps with their family and whanau.

During iSTEAM this term, Room 21 conducted research on the benefits of keeping chickens. Room 21 shared this research with Mr McIntyre during the Principal’s Assembly. During Week 8, three chickens arrived at Owairoa. Room 21 will be overseeing the upkeep of these chickens.

Songs and dances have been learned and it is nearly time for the musical theatre concert. Children have been looking forward to sharing their learning with their peers, family and whanau. 

Chaotian and Cirque Grande Visit

Students reflect on and self-assess their artwork.

During Week 4 of Term 2, Owairoa Primary School hosted a group of students and a Teacher from our Chinese sister school, Chaotian Primary. On Tuesday, some senior and middle school students were involved in a welcoming assembly for them. Our Chaotian guests were serenaded by bamboo flutes played by the Chaotian students, as they entered our school hall. Owairoa’s Senior Kapa Haka group performed and students sung our school song.

This week a group of four acrobats from the visiting circus, Cirque Grande, visited our school and put on a performance. Students were amazed by their flexibility, balance and contorting abilities. 

Reports have been written and it is nearly time for parent teacher conferences. The children have been looking over their assessments and reflecting upon where they need to go next in their learning so they can share their results with their parents.

Looking Back on Challenge Week

Some of the fun of Challenge Week 2019

At the end of last term the senior school were fortunate enough to participate in Challenge Week. This is the second year the school has run challenge week, and is a week packed full of awesome outdoor activities and challenges, as well as extras such as art, crafts and first aid.

Rock Up was as much a fan favourite as ever, with students trying their hand at various team building challenges, as well as paintball and rock climbing. Plus the whole court area was taken up with fantastic inflatable activities that kids knocking each other off wobbling posts, boxing with huge gloves and jumping about in the castle. Despite some weather issues the whole week was fun and seamless, and everyone had massive smiles on their faces heading into the holidays.

On your marks, get set, GO!

Our students giving it a go

Our sporting year has well and truly kicked off in the Owairoa senior school! We’ve had some great events on, with some fabulous results, and most importantly a lot of fun and a lot of kids giving things a go.

Interschool Swimming Sports took place a couple of weeks ago, held at Lloyd Elsmore Pool. Owairoa took out the team relay for 9 year olds and the individual events were dominated by Kiri Yamagami and Terence Kang, who won their freestyle, backstroke and breaststroke events.

Our Softball team also came away with a 7-1 win against fierce rivals Cockle Bay School, There was even a surprise cool down, with the sprinklers coming on half way through the first innings!

The Hilton Cup, the inter-class netball competition, is underway as well. This is a great chance for students to show their leadership skills, as well as their teamwork and netball finesse.

Six weeks into 2019’s school year!

Room 21 students dissecting beans for iSTEAM

All classes are making the most of the beautiful weather and are enjoying mastering various swimming skills in our school pool.

Following the House Leader elections, eight House Leaders and eight Deputy House Leaders have been appointed. Along with this, Year 6 Students have been assigned various jobs and responsibilities around the school. All students look forward to starting these in the coming weeks.

During week 5, a range of tests were sat by all senior school students. The results of these will be discussed with students and stored in the students’ portfolios.

The Hilton Cup is well underway. This is a netball competition between all the Senior school classes. The winning class team will receive the Hilton Cup at the end of Term 1.

A Rip, Roar and Bang!

One of our students proudly wearing her new house leader hat

2019 has started with a rip, roar and a bang in the Owairoa senior school! Year 5s are getting settled into their new classes, and learning their new responsibilities as role models for the whole school.

Some of our Year 6s have already started their jobs! We have road patrollers, bell ringers, mediators and all sorts of roles that teach our students about responsibility and time management. So far, they’ve been doing an excellent job!

House leaders have been chosen, two for each house and two deputies, and our young leaders got to experience a day of leadership training with returning guest Garth Collings. You’ll be able to spot these students at lunch time with their house leader hats on.

And at last, everyone will be breathing a sigh of relief, as TEST WEEK is officially over and we can all get on with the job of making our brains stronger through learning. We can’t wait to get stuck in to the year.

Welcome to the Senior School, 2019

Senior students from Room 26 building structures to support heavy weights on their I STEAM day

Welcome back to 2019. We have welcomed two new teachers to the Senior School this year – Miss Adair in Room 24 and Mr Bradley in Room 22.

We have made an excellent start to the year with ten classes, five in Team 5 led by Mr Bradley, and five in Team 6 led by Miss Findley. Learning programmes are up and running in each room and the children are settling in well.

We are looking forward to a busy term full of exciting learning opportunities for our learners to enjoy. This term every Tuesday the Senior learners will be having an I STEAM day. STEAM is an integrated learning approach that uses Science, Technology, Engineering, the Arts and Mathematics to guide learner inquiry, dialogue, and thinking skills. We are excited about the new skills and knowledge I STEAM will help to develop in preparing our learners for the future. Later in the term we have our Challenge week to look forward to.

We welcome new families to the Senior School and look forward to meeting you throughout the year.


Certificate ready to be handed out to students

On Thursday afternoon we held our Annual Service Awards which thanks our Year 6 and some Year 5 students for all the Monitor jobs they completed this year. Some of which included: House Leaders, Road Patrol, Mediators, Bell Ringers, Librarians, Birthday Singers, Bushwalk and Chinese Garden Monitors.

We also gave out Service Awards to several students who went above and beyond; volunteering their services to other staff.

After that, many children received Honours Certificates for their excellent academic or sporting achievements.

All Year 6 students received a Graduation Certificate. We wish them well for the future and encourage them to follow their dreams.

Singing, dancing and prize giving!

Senior students enjoying the sunshine and helping the property team unload the school’s milk delivery

Week 6 was very busy. On Wednesday and Thursday evening, the three-way conferences took place. During these, students received their reports. Teachers and students enjoyed the opportunity to share their learning and achievements with their family and whanau.

During Weeks 6 and 7, the graduating Year 6 students had the opportunity to visit their new intermediate school. All students came back very excited and are looking forward to the new challenges they will face in 2019.

All students have been very busy, dancing and learning the lyrics to their musical theatre items that they will perform towards the end of term.

Looking ahead, in Week 8 the Senior School look forward to the annual Service Award Ceremony held in the school hall. In Week 9, the annual Prize Giving will take place in Elim Church on Monday evening. We look forward to seeing you all there.

Sprint, Throw, Jump

Jumping high and far

On Friday 2nd November, we held our annual Athletics Day. The weather was fine, and not too hot.

Over the course of the day, the children participated in Long Jump, High Jump, Sprints and Softball Throw. Added to the mix were fun activities such as relays, dodgeball and using the fitness trail. Fun was had by all. The best of the best are going onto the Interschool Athletics Competition in Week 5. Thanks go to Mr Rossiter for organising the day. It ran smoothly.

Thank you to all the parents who came along to support their children.

Time Flies when you are having fun!

Joshua and his Grandparents from South Africa enjoying Grandparents Day together

We cannot believe it is Term 4 already! So far, we have had a successful and enjoyable year. We are looking forward to the exciting events and activities planned for this last term of the 2018 school year!

During Week 1 students participated in the New Zealand ShakeOut. This was a nation-wide earthquake drill. It was important that students knew the correct action to take in the event of an earthquake. All students practised their Drop, Cover and Hold techniques. Students are currently completing the ShakeOut Challenge at home. When this is returned to school, students may choose a prize at the office!

Also during Week 1, we celebrated our annual Grandparents and Grand- friends’ day. Senior students could not wait to show off their classrooms as well as their wonderful work they have completed throughout the year.

Looking forward to Week 3… Senior students will take part in Owairoa’s annual Athletics Day. The senior school has been training hard in the long jump and high jump and are looking forward to the big day.

Clarity, Tone and Intonation

Senior School Speech Winners 2018

A few weeks ago we held out annual Year 5 and 6 Speech competition. The topics were wide ranging from: The Changemakers, Braces, Hugs, Nagging, DNA, Bacteria, Lego, Environmental concerns to Gender Equality. The winner was Tim Wallace speaking about Changemakers, second was Brooke Martin with DNA and Ella MacDonald came in third with nagging.

Tim went through to the Interschool Speech Finals, which were held in our school hall on the 18th September. There were many and varied speeches from contestants from the local schools. The winner was Kate from Buckland’s Beach Primary while Tim came third. Well done, Tim.

We have all worked extremely hard and are looking forward to the school Gala which will be held on the 29th September and the holidays which should have nice Spring weather.

Inventors Fair and Speeches

Room 21 students creating their own taniwhas

During Week 7 Owairoa held its Inventors Fair. All students took part researching, designing, producing and testing their own inventions. All students had a fabulous time in the hall viewing the fabulous inventions that students produced. Some inventions included lolly dispensers, automatic apple peelers, mugs that keep your drink warm, safes and hydraulic motors.

During Week 8 the senior school watched the speech finals in the hall. It was interesting listening to the variety of speeches presented. Well done to our first, second and third placements – Timothy Wallace, Brooke Martin and Ella MacDonald. We wish our first place winner luck as he competes in the zone speech finals to be held in Week 9.

During this week, Owairoa also took part in celebrating Maori Language Week. Students enjoyed taking part in a range of Te Reo Maori related activities.


Solid Liquid or Gas

Intense measuring to ensure fair testing

During Science this term we have been focusing on the Material World. Each week we are learning new science terminology and completing fair tests.

We learned how to classify materials as solids or liquids according to their properties. Then we  observed the viscosity of liquids and ordering them accordingly.  The next week we learned whether solids (e.g. marbles, sand, flour, cornflour) were insoluble or soluble and if the state was reversible or irreversible.  The children then observed the melting points of ice, butter and chocolate and that they all started to melt at different points. Using a thermometer was a skill, especially learning to read the scale accurately.

We are all learning a great deal about fair testing and that each stage needs to be conducted in the same manner so that our results are correct.

A busy week for all!

Room 21’s International Day shared lunch

On Tuesday, students participated in Owairoa’s annual Cross-Country event. This year students were given the option to compete competitively or for fun. Students enthusiastically cheered on their peers in the bright morning sun.

On Thursday we celebrated International Day. Students were excited to come to school in their national dress and share foods from their country, during the shared lunch. A highlight of the day was the International Day concert where students were able to watch a variety of international performances. We even had a Japanese drummer from Pakuranga College come and visit.

On Thursday the following week, the top 8 competitive runners competed in the Interschool Cross Country. Students enjoyed taking part in this event and representing their school.

Hallo! Ni Hao! Bula! Bonjour! Guten Tag!

Sorting solids into groups for the Material World, Science

We have started off the term with a bang. Term 3 is full of excitement and learning activities. We are writing speeches, hosting international students and running the Cross Country.

We have started writing our speeches and the topics are wide-ranging. Subjects include the environment, why we should have pets, factual reports about science, and many more ideas that whiz and whirr through the children’s brains.

Last week, we welcomed the first of our international students. They have joined our school family for times spanning one week to several weeks. They are integrated into our class programme completing English activities, Maths, science experiments and musical theatre. We will celebrate the different cultures on our International Day.

We have also been training, in between the rain showers, for the Cross Country which will be held in Week 3. We look forward to the usual race for the ones who love and enjoy running and a fast walking race – tailored to those who like walking but not running.

Bridge over Troubled Desks

Room 25 students enjoying the tech challenge

Over the last few weeks, each class has been working on a Technology Challenge. In groups of 3, the task was to make a newspaper bridge that would span a one metre gap between desks. We only had 5 minutes to plan and 30 minutes to make them.

There were all different kinds of designs from flat, to rolled to tunnel effects. Some were more effective than others. To test the designs, a toy car had to travel from one side to the other freely. Then the bridges were tested to see how much weight they could hold.

The best team from each class will go to the final which will be held next week.  This challenge encouraged the children to focus on their key competencies – participating and contributing and relating to others.

Senior Update

Students who took part in the Trees for Survival planting day

The NZ Athon began this week as students received their test sheets and sponsorship cards! Students are excited about the challenge of getting sponsorship and developing their knowledge about New Zealand. There are many prizes to be won, let the competition begin!

In the Science Room, senior students have been learning about the Earth, Moon and Sun. We have mapped out their relative distances, looked at their relative movements and discovered how night and day occur.

On Friday we had a Principal’s Assembly. Photos from challenge week were shared and we also got to view photos from the recent Trees for Survival planting trip – over 400 trees were planted by students who took part in this. We also celebrated the achievement of one of our senior students, Maria Secara, who won a gold medal at a recent karate competition. She showed us some of her moves.

Tread Lightly

Human power light bulbs

Last week, the senior school had the opportunity to go to the Tread Lightly caravan. The children learnt how everyday choices have an impact on our environment. During the session, one of the activities was to use a hand-powered turbine to power lightbulbs, a hairdryer and a sander. They realised that it takes little power/human energy to light an LED bulb but needed far more energy to light a 60W incandescent bulb.

Other rotations included looking at microscopic things through a microscope, examining the different types of waste and working out their environmental footprint. Did you know that soft plastic could be recycled via your local supermarket?

The sessions were very informative and at the end, the children all had to make a pledge: something that they could do to help the environment within their own homes.

Challenge Week!

Students proud of the art they produced during challenge week

Term 2 began with a bang as all senior school students took part in Challenge Week. This week provided students with the opportunity to make new friends, try new things and support each other.

On Monday, students had a go at creating an alien themed costume. Costumes were modelled during a fashion show before lunch. To finish the day, students enjoyed a disco.

On Tuesday, students were given the opportunity to learn how to roller blade in our very own school hall.  For the remainder of the week, students took part in a variety of activities including art, orienteering, finger knitting, team challenges, rock climbing, archery, and various blow up obstacle and battle courses.

A big thank you to Mrs Bull, teachers and parent helpers for a wonderful week!

Parents Teacher Conferences and Peter and the Wolf

The Senior students accompanying the Toy Symphony

Week 10 has been very busy. On Wednesday and Thursday afternoons we were talking about our learning and sharing our learning achievements with our parents at parent teacher student conferences.

On Thursday afternoon, we were lucky enough to have the St Matthew’s Chamber Orchestra play for us. They entertained us with three pieces of music. The first was a narration of The Lion in the Meadow with musical accompaniment. After that, senior children played instruments and accompanied the orchestra for the Toy Symphony.

The last item was Peter and the Wolf. The narrator told us the story that included a cat, Peter, a wolf, a bird, a grandad and other characters. All the instruments played their parts well and we could imagine the characters and what they were doing as the orchestra played. We thoroughly enjoyed the performance.

On Friday morning, the senior children had a short service to remember ANZAC day. Some of the House Leaders read about: what ANZAC day is, the meaning of the white crosses, and four children read two poems. It was a moving ceremony.

Easter Is On Its Way!

Senior students enjoying the sun on our fitness trail

Staff and students are enjoying returning to their learning programmes after the excitement of last week’s Wild West Book Fair.

This week the Year 6 students were given their jobs for this year. Students look forward to starting these in the coming weeks.

Approaching are the 3-way conferences. Preparation for these has started and both students and teachers look forward to sharing students’ learning successes with their Whanau.

It has been a very busy term and students as well as staff are looking forward to the opportunity to catch their breath this coming Easter weekend.

Look Out! The Wild, Wild West is coming!

One of our completed Wild West artworks

This week, we have been making a large artwork that will be displayed in the hall for book week. Book Week is important as it allows our students to look at the range of books Scholastics has to offer. It is an opportunity to get more books into homes. 

The week will begin with students dressed up as cowboys or cowgirls, going to the hall to look at all the books and making wish lists. Parents have been invited to join their children for a shared lunch on the field. A whole school parade will occur after that. More fun filled events are planned for the rest of the week. Watch this space.

We have also been concentrating on our learning so we will be able to share our achievements with our parents at parent teacher conferences.  There is much to learn over the year and we are trying our best to show we understand the Key Competencies: Managing Self, Relating to Others, Participating and Contributing, Thinking and using Language, Symbols and text.

Four Weeks into the New School Year!

Senior students enjoying their second drama session

It is hard to believe we are already four weeks into the new school year!

Following the house leader elections in week two, eight house leaders and eight deputy house leaders have been appointed. These leaders attended a training session with guest speaker Garth Collings in Week 3.

The school swimming programme is well underway! Every class is making the most of the beautiful weather and taking part, once a week, in the swimming pool working on various swimming skills.

Over the last two weeks, senior students have been very busy sitting a range of tests. The results of these will be discussed with each student and then with their parents at the end of Term Parent Teacher Conferences.

Coming up in the next few weeks is Owairoa’s Book Week, with a Wild West theme. Both students and Teachers are looking forward to this.

Welcome to the Senior School, 2018

Senior students happily playing at lunchtime

Welcome back to 2018.  We have welcomed three new Teachers to the Senior School this year - Mrs Booth in Room 19, Mr Ackermann in Room 28, and Mr O’Brien in Room 27.

We have made an excellent start to the year with ten classes, five in Team 5 led by Miss Randhawa, and five in Team 6 led by Miss Findley. Learning programmes are up and running in each room and the students are settling in well.  Most students turned up on day one with their stationery which has enable a prompt start to class room programmes.  

We welcome new families to the Senior School and we look forward to meeting you throughout the year.

Hilton Cup, Poetry Competition and Intermediate Visits

Listening intently to a performance in the school hall

The Hilton Cup continued this week with the semi-final games. These games will continue next week and students are looking forward to see which class will win the Hilton Cup.

On Friday, the annual poetry finals took place in the school hall. These were of a very high standard and students put on entertaining performances that were enjoyed by all.

This week Year 6 students have had the opportunity to visit the intermediate schools that they will be attending in 2018.

Swimming has begun and students are enjoying the opportunity to improve their skills and cool off in the pool.


Athletics Excitement


Both students and teachers have been busy with end of year tests and the marking of these. While not always enjoyable for students, they are an opportunity for progress to be celebrated. These will be completed early in week four.

Athletics day dawned, if not bright and clear, at least fine enough for it to go ahead! Children have been anticipating this day for weeks and competition has been heating up with semi-finals in high jump and long jump being carried out before the day.

Senior students are busy learning their poems in readiness for the poetry semi-finals which will take place during week five.

Final Weeks

Our Year 6 leavers t-shirts

Excitement is mounting as year six students begin their final term of Primary school. Their year 6 T-shirts arrived and these are being worn with great pride.

Preparations are well under way for Athletics day, which will take place on Thursday 3 November. As well as high jump, long jump and sprints, there will be fun activities for those who did not get into the semi-finals.

Testing begins with a vengeance and this will continue through weeks 3 and 4. Poems for the poetry competition have arrived and after selecting a poem to work with, students will learn these by heart then practise their delivery ready for consideration for the year 5-6 poetry competition.

Gala, Gala, Gala

Senior students laying mulch on the gardens in preparation for the gala

Year 5 and 6 students have been busy wrapping up Term 3 with basic facts and mapping tests.

Students have all begun working on their calendar art – to be completed next term.

Senior School students have also been lending a helping hand to Gala preparations. Excitement is building as the big event nears. Aside from the regular face painting, food stalls, trail of terror and rides we will also be welcoming new activities, including Nerf Combat! We look forward to seeing students, family, whanau and the community at this special occasion.

Voting, Zone Speech Finals and Conferences

Students proudly holding up voting papers before casting their vote

This week the Senior School cast the votes in their very own Student Elections. Results are in and National lead followed closely by Labour.

On Tuesday the Zone Speech Finals were held at Owairoa Primary School. Senior School Students enjoyed the opportunity to listen to the finalists.

Students have begun training for athletics day with high jump and long jump. Students are looking forward to this event next term.

Three-way conferences were held over Wednesday and Thursday nights. At these, students received their reports. Teachers and students enjoyed the opportunity to share successful learning with parents.

A Week in Review

Students enjoying playing some Maori board games as part of their Maori Language Week learning

This week we celebrated Maori Language Week. Senior classes took part in a variety of Maori based activities.

Selected senior students performed their speeches at the Senior School Speech Finals. Years 4, 5 and 6 came to watch. Mrs Mawdsley and Mrs Beukins judged the presentations.

The highlight of this week was our Principals Assembly. Students were entertained by excerpts from the Dance Festival and Kapa Haka performance. As well as certificates and songs we were introduced to a new game to be played at the Gala – Nerf Combat. One of the students was even lucky enough to win a free ticket and nerf gun.

Next week 3-way-interviews will be held over Wednesday and Thursday evenings

Gala Preparations have Begun

senior student helping with the school gardens

Most students have presented their speeches to the class and the selection process in underway. Two students will be chosen from each class to compete in the Owairoa Speech Final. From there, the winners will present their speeches in the zone speech finals.

Students time this week colouring in posters to advertise for our upcoming school Gala. We look forward to seeing some of these posters around the community.

Next week students will bringing an item for the tombola stall at the Gala. In return for this item, students will be able to wear mufti on Thursday next week.

Students have also been busy preparing work for their portfolios, to present to parents at the upcoming 3-way interviews.

Senior Dance Festival

Our Dance Group looked amazing in their coloured dance outfits

This week has been dominated by the amazing, annual dance festival. The fourteen Year 5 and 6 senior dancers have been rehearsing during lunch times from the beginning of Term 2.

The week finally came and they represented the school on Wednesday and Thursday evenings dancing to the song from Moana, ‘How Far I’ll Go’. This was popular with students from other schools when they instantly joined in when the song began. They wore cobalt blue island skirts with black t-shirts and lei of all colours.

They look forward to hopefully presenting their performance to the whole school.

Celebrating our Green-Gold Status!

Senior dance students in their rehearsal

This week our school celebrated achieving Enviro Green-Gold Status. Senior classes had the opportunity to visit junior and middle school classes to see what environmental inquiries they have undergone so far this year. This was an inspirational experience as they shared what they had learnt and enjoyed being able to participate in the learning of others.

The senior dance group have been working really hard this term for the coming dance festival to be held in early August.

We are thrilled that another group of international students will be joining our classes for different lengths of time in Term 3.

Next term we also look forward to international day where students can represent a country of their choice.

Winter Wonderland Rocks

Frosty Manoeuvres!

Winter Wonderland has begun and just to add to the authenticity of the occasion, the weather has been suitably wintry also!

On Wednesday, Year 5 and 6 had a hugely successful rotation, with students enjoying a variety of activities including interpretive dance, snowflake making, snow ball fights and sled designs.

The skating lessons and class sessions have been a hit, with students going from holding onto the rail to skating across the hall like a professional in mere minutes. Movies with a winter theme as well as other art activities made the week special and memorable.

With the shortest day behind us, now we can look forward to Spring and Summer celebrations!

Spell-a-thon, Winter Wonderland and Enviro

Senior students busy identifying different native plants in our school

On Thursday of Week 6 the big Spell-a-thon testing day took place. Students have been diligently learning their words and can now put their knowledge to the test. Over the next few days students will collect their sponsorship money and look forward to hearing who wins the prizes.

The countdown is beginning for our Winter Wonderland fiesta. More about this next week!

Year 5 and 6 have divided the school up into sections. Each class has been busy identifying native plants in their designated areas!

Classes are busily completing their various enviro inquiries in preparation for sharing day. We look forward to sharing our findings in the hall when our school will be presented with a Green-Gold Enviro award.

Rugby sevens undefeated for a second year running

Evan evades a Shelly Park defender

Monday morning was chilly but the sun was shining. This meant that the conditions were going to be perfect for the rugby sevens tournament.

Owairoa sent a strong team of keen boys and girls to play at Lloyd Elsmore Park. We had a tough draw which included typically strong schools with us facing the likes of Pigeon Mountain, Cockle Bay and Shelly Park.

We arrived at the park and it was obvious there were some nerves flowing through the players. After a quick warm up we were ready for the whistle to start tournament. We completely dominated the opposition in all seven games and came away undefeated for the second year running.

Standout players were Evan, Braxton and Will who dictated play and always posed a real threat to the opposition with their speed and skill. Of course, these players wouldn’t have been standouts if it wasn’t for the rest of the team supporting them and doing their part to win possession and take the ball forward.

The children had and extremely fun day and would like to thank those parents who helped transport and support the team.

Coles Corner

Finally the playground was declared well and truly open!

On Thursday we had our official opening for the Coles Corner Playground. The sun shone on us, the thick morning fog had cleared and the rain stayed away. The whole school surrounded the playground and the choir brought their best singing voices.

Mr McIntyre welcomed staff, students and special guests. One of our house leaders Yazan Saleh spoke at the special event. The ribbon was cut and confetti cannons were fired!

A playground challenge in which children from all year groups took part was a highlight!

We were honoured with the presence of our special guest Spiderman. He performed many exciting stunts on the new playground. There was even a chance afterschool for the children to meet him in person.

We Welcome our International Students from China

Some Senior Buddies with their International Students

We welcomed 54 International students to our school on Monday from our sister school in China. The Kapa Haka group performed a Powhiri on Tuesday afternoon for these students and their teachers. The Year 5 and 6 classes are enjoying the opportunity to work with their new classmates.

As well as learning about Kiwiana and developing their English skills they are getting a chance to see how our school system operates in New Zealand. Friday will see New Zealand and Guangzhou battle for the best rugby team.

Winter sports trials are underway. It is good to see so many students keen to participate.

Conferences, Performances and more Rain!

Camp skit night!

The water has returned just in time for Easter! So far, three-way interviews are going well and students are enjoying sharing their learning successes with their Whanau. The Senior school have been excitedly preparing to present their camp plays to the Middle and Junior schools.

It has been a very busy term and students as well as staff are looking forward to the opportunity to catch their breaths. Anzac day will again give us an opportunity to remember those who gave so much so we could enjoy the freedom we do today.

Arrr me hearties!

Room 21 “Arrr” really into reading!

Owairoa Primary School is currently being transformed by staff and students into a land Captain Hook would enjoy.

After weeks of preparation, Book Week is nearly here! Pirate ships are being completed, costumes organised, and pirate programmes are underway.

The week will begin with a parade in which the whole school will have an opportunity to show off their pirate costume creations. Other events planned include, children being read to by a guest author and hearing from a book illustrator.

We hope to break the Guinness World Record for the largest pirate clash on our very own field. And of course an amazing selection of books will be available to be purchased throughout the week.

Team 6 Camp Returns

Mud slide with a view.

Team 6 has just come back from their camp at the beautiful Camp Raglan.

The weather was superb from day one and children had the opportunity to experience all the outdoor activities camp had to offer. They participated in BMX, scooters, the confidence course, rock climbing, archery, air rifles, the low ropes and the flying fox. As well as these, team 6 were lucky enough to do the challenge course, the Burma Trail at night as well as, take the glow-worm walk. Free time included swimming in the pool, going on the mudslide or having a well-earned rest.

Nightly activities included tabloid sports, a fashion parade from children’s own designs and creations and of course the final night camp concert. This was a highlight as each class performed their play. The four night, five day camp was an opportunity to make new friends, experience some activities they would not otherwise have done and grow in confidence.

Team 6 are extremely grateful to Mrs Bull for all her hard work preparing for and running this. Thank you too to all the parents who worked so hard to make this such a successful event. It was an unforgettable experience for all involved.

Come rain or shine, we had a good time!

Lunch on the beach below Camp Raglan

Team 5 has just come back from a very exhausting but fun week at camp.

While we did experience changeable weather in Raglan, the children got to experience all the outdoor activities camp had to offer. They participated in BMX, scooters, the confidence course, rock climbing, archery, air rifles, the low ropes and the flying fox. They also got a chance to swim in the pool or go on the mudslide if they dared.

Night times were filled with tabloid sports, a fashion parade, Zootopia and the infamous camp concert. This year each class enjoyed rehearsing a skit to perform at the camp concert. Everyone was very excited to take part.

The children also made lots of new friends, found out they could achieve their goals and had a lot of fun. Thank you to Mrs Bull for allowing us to have this experience. We wish Team 6 well on their way as they head to Camp Raglan this week. 

Four Weeks In…

Hands on learning about erosion caused by the rain

It is hard to believe we are already four weeks into the new school year!

Senior children have been very busy over the last few weeks sitting a range of tests. Students have also enjoyed as carrying out science experiments based on weathering and erosion prior to a beach visit on the way to Camp Raglan.

Over the next two weeks, all nine year 5 and 6 classes will attend camp. A highlight of this year’s camp will be the opportunity for each class will to perform a play based on a children’s book. There has been great excitement as much time and effort has been spent preparing props, costumes and script for this.

Students and teachers will soon be preparing for three-way-conferences due to take place at the end of term 1

Welcome to 2017 in the Senior School

Making a splash during our swimming lessons

We have made an excellent start to the year with nine classes, four in Team 5 led by Miss Randhawa, and five in Team 6 led by Miss Findley. The classes are all about the same size but still more boys than girls overall! They are composite Year 5/6 classes.

Our great excitement and experience this term is our annual trip to Camp Raglan! This is an ideal Camp for children to have their first experience away from home as it sits on its own grounds, it has excellent dormitories and modernised toilet blocks, the kitchen and dining rooms have been updated and the food which is prepared by the wonderful Camp cooks is outstanding and child friendly; there is even the option of second and third helpings which the children love.

The activities which the children experience are: science investigations at the beach, and in the native bush and natural stream, the rock climbing wall, archery and air rifles, BMX bike riding, scooters, confidence course, and the flying fox, just to mention just a few!

We look forward to sharing our experiences with you after Camp.

Christine Bull
Deputy Principal

What a year it has been…

Joel and Ella standing proudly under the honours board

As the 2016 school year comes to a close we can reflect on what a wonderful, eventful year it has been.

It is with great pride that we see our amazing year 6 students leave and take on their next big challenge at intermediate. We have seen them grow into fine young boys and girls and we are very confident that their next step will go smoothly and they will hold onto their Owairoa values for many years to come.

A special mention must go to Ella Cowley-Andrea and Joel Goody who took the prestigious Kenny and Mawson cups as the top performing all round girl and boy. They have been excellent students throughout their time at Owairoa we look forward to hearing about their continuing success at intermediate.

Good luck to all our students leaving Owairoa. We will miss you!!!

Hard Work Rewarded

The Hilton Cup

Last week, we celebrated the effort year 6 children put into their monitor roles around the school. These included certificates for jobs such as road patrol, mediating and Chinese Garden. After that, there were certificates for children who showed excellence in academic subjects.

Next week we celebrate excellence and achievement in academia and sports at our annual prize giving. The awards are given in areas including academic subjects, sporting and cultural.  The class teacher also awards three certificates to children they feel have excelled within their classroom environment.

And finally, we are down to the final game in our interclass Hilton Cup Netball tournament. It has been a closely fought race and this year the finalists are Room 22 and Room 21. We look forward to supporting both classes next week at the final.

Summer is coming!

Year 6 students continuing to work to their highest standard!

With only 5 weeks to go for 2016 the students in the senior school re getting excited about the range of learning activities that come during the summer term.

The year 6 students are in the process of visiting their intermediate school that they will be going to in 2017. We have had some really excited children coming back from being shown around their new school and we can certainly feel the buzz in the air.

The interschool athletics team are preparing hard for their HPPA athletic finals on Wednesday. Unfortunately, these were rained out last week but there was some relief on a few faces when the news came in that the date had been changed. We are looking forward to a successful event as the calibre of Athletes this year is exceptional.

We have a busy few weeks ahead of us but we are excited for the challenge!

Annual Athletic Adventure

A qualifying jump

On Thursday, the senior school took part in the annual athletics day. The weather was perfect, not too hot or cold.

The children took part in long jump, high jump, sprints and softball throw. The best from these will be going through to the Interschool Athletics Day, in week 6.

Throughout the day, the children also got to take part in fun activities such as relays, dodge ball andTug-o-war. There were fierce competition amongst the children to see who was the strongest.


We wish to thank Mr Barrett and Mr Rossiter for their help in making time to run before school practice sessions for those children who turned up early and for the organisation of the day.