Owairoa Gala Day

Owairoa Primary School is world famous for its Annual School Gala!  This year our Gala will be held on Saturday 28 September 2019.  The day promises to be just as exciting as previous years, with a myriad of gala rides, food stalls, gift baskets, sweets, white elephant, books, plants, used clothing, raffles, silent auction, arts and crafts, slides etc.


The Parent Teacher Association works so hard all year round to organize and manage this event and is actively seeking donations, donated goods and any offers of help prior to and on the big day.
Your support for this event would be appreciated and can be registered by emailing our PTA Chairperson gala@owairoa.school.nz
Keep Saturday 28 September free in your diary for this fun event of the year – The Owairoa Primary School Gala!!

The Leadup to Gala Day

In the weeks leading up to Gala, we have many opportunities for students/families to help support the Gala….

Tombola Mufti Day
Students can wear mufti in exchange for bringing a bottle for the Tombola Stall
The Tombola Stall is definitely a highlight and is one of the first to sell out.  You buy a number, and get an unknown wrapped bottle as your prize.  Its such a great excitement to see what you unwrap!

Grocery Mufti  Day
Students can wear mufti in exchange for bringing along one grocery item assigned to each year level
Pamper products and food items get used in the Gift Baskets Stall, and in Hamper Raffles Stall
Chocolate bars get used at the Chocolate Trailer Stall

Home Baking and Fudge/Sweets
The week before the Gala, we also ask for home baking and fudge or sweet items to be made.  We will send home a plate for the baking and an ice cream container for the sweets.  The baked goods are used on the Morning Tea Stall, while the fudge and sweets are wrapped and sold at the Sweet Stall.  Homemade fudge is very popular! If anyone is an expert fudge maker or keen to make more than one batch of fudge, please let us know and we will supply you up with some extra sugar!

Other Ways You Can Help

There are many ways in which you can help our School in the build up to Gala each year…


-          Ask for donations from the company you work for

-          Sort out and bring unwanted goods to the school [anytime in the Term prior to Gala]  

-          Help on Tombola Mufti Day wrapping bottles

-          Help on Grocery Day sorting food items

-          Help sorting donated goods

-          Help make up the gift baskets

-          Help with various jobs in the week leading up to Gala

-          Help the day before the gala – there is always a lot to do!!!

-          Volunteer on the day


The PTA appreciate any assistance you are able to offer