Middle School Blog

A summary of the exciting events in our Year 3 and Year 4 classes....

Year Four Speech Final

Proud Speech Finalists

On Friday 21st September, Year Three and Four students gathered in the Hall for the Year Four Speech Final. Students had been preparing for this moment throughout Term 3, so this event was a showcase of the best two speakers from each room. The eleven participants all appeared eager to deliver their best performance. Mr Church and Mrs Bull were selected as judges and at 1:50pm, once everyone was seated, the competition began.

The students recited their speeches with a new found confidence. Some students had even memorised their entire speech by heart which was quite a feat! Although it may have been a little daunting standing in front of a larger crowd than their classroom peers, they were able to give it their best effort. What an accomplishment!

Topics ranged from Global Warming to Rabbits, Sharks, How Kids Can make the World a Better Place and all about Bubble Gum. Other topics were Animals in Captivity, Smoking, Countries, Amazing Bees, Rhythmic Gymnastics and The Tui.

After some deliberation, the judges stood before the gathered students and announced the winners. Excitement was high. First place was awarded to Yena Wang, second place to Simran Daga and third place to Wiremu Taka. The other participants all received a Highly Commended placing for their effort. Well done to all the Year Four students who participated in this event.

Butterfly Creek Adventures

Farmyard Fun for Year Four

The students in Year Four recently experienced the wonders of Butterfly Creek. A fun day out was had by all, but most importantly it allowed our students to observe the fabulous Kiwis Forest exhibit, home to two Brown Kiwi, Tapu and Ipo. As we are currently studying the Little Brown Kiwi this provided a first-hand opportunity to view real kiwi in an authentic setting.

Students were also able to get up close to the mighty wetapunga during the Keeper Talk on mini beasts. We learned how vital the overlooked less attractive mini beast are in our ecosystem. Protecting these precious native species has become a special project of Butterfly Creek.

Other students were able to watch the cute Asian small clawed otters play. Patting the friendly farm animals and travelling back in time to see the dinosaurs were other great attractions.

Everyone agreed it was a fabulous day. We thank our parent helpers for their tremendous support, without whom these outings would not be possible.

Cross Country Countdown

Year Four Students Ready to Run

Students in Year Four have been improving their fitness by running, three mornings a week just before morning tea, to prepare for our School Cross Country. This will be held on Tuesday the 7th of August, Week 3 of this term.

Our students have been working hard to improve their stamina and ability to keep a constant pace when running. Completing the circuit was tricky at first with lots of students pink faced and puffing. Keeping a steady pace has meant students can maintain their running for longer periods and walk less. It is positive to see improvement, even in such a short space of time.

Wearing suitable footwear is very important to prevent tripping and falling. Sports shoes support the foot correctly and are ideal for all surfaces including asphalt, concrete and grass. It is great to see students bringing these along.

A few Year Four students have been taking part in training sessions with Mr Rossiter on Wednesday and Friday mornings before school. I will certainly be keeping an eye out at the finish line for these keen individuals on our Cross Country Day.

Matariki in the Middle School

Room 30 testing out their Matariki kite creations

If you have looked up at the night sky in early June you might have seen a group of seven stars called Matariki. Matariki is also the name for the Maori New Year.

To celebrate Matariki, the students in Room 29 have been writing five line poems, called cinquains. They had to choose exciting nouns, verbs and adjectives to describe stars. The finished results were amazing! Some students were even chosen to present their poem at Middle School Assembly.

In Room 30, Miss Oliver showed the students how to make kites for Matariki.  They used paper, sticks, tape and string.  It was fun taking them outside to fly but sadly some broke. Nevertheless a great learning experience was had by all.


Tread Lightly Caravan

Some middle school students making power

The Tread Lightly Caravan has recently visited Owairoa and left a powerful impression on the minds of the middle school.

Classes were split into six groups and took part in separate activities that gave us a glimpse into the difference we can make to help save the environment.

The activities ranged from creating electricity by using our own energy, looking at rubbish and how it breaks down over time and the effects rubbish has on our storm water drain systems.

After the activities we all met together again and decided on pledges that we would act on, to begin making a difference. We each chose one pledge that we would make and have been focusing on that pledge for the last few weeks.

We challenge you to make a pledge also and start making a difference now, before it is too late.

Year Four “Tread Lightly” Experience

Our middle school students enjoying their session in the Tread Lightly Caravan

This week the Year Four students were fortunate in being able to take part in a range of exciting activities. The activities were part of the Tread Lightly Caravan programme which is currently visiting our school.

Each class had a 90 minute session which was divided into five activities. Students rotated to each of the activities in small groups. Enthusiasm was high and it intrigued me to see how perceptive our students were in contemplating then answering questions asked of them.

Favourite activities were the Tread Lightly Caravan where the students were able to use a microscope to observe composting worms in action. They also learned that in NZ we have a native praying mantis and that this incredible creature has an ear on its tummy. The students were asked to predict what they thought it was and some even guessed correctly.

Another favourite was the Vines and Geckos game which was similar to what we know as snakes and ladders. Students had to answer questions about NZ flora and fauna before climbing up the vines. Best of all, they got to use small toys of native birds and creatures.

The range of hands on activities provided not only a wealth of knowledge, but students ended the session by making a pledge, focusing on what they will do to help the environment in conjunction with something they will talk to their parents about and do at home.

Together let’s make this a better and world!

Enviromental Issues

Middle school students researching environmental issues

Term 2 has started of great for the Middle School. There will be strong focus on our environment throughout all classes as we are going to be visited by the Tread Lightly Caravan. This will help us to develop a better understanding of how we can each make a difference to our environment.

In preparation of our visit to the Tread Lightly Caravan we have been learning about many different environmental issues. One of them is how plastic takes a long time to break down. We have also started looking at how much plastic we use and how we can try to use things instead of plastic such as paper bags or reusable recycled bags when we do the groceries.

We have also been learning about the Guiding Principles and how they underpin all of our learning when it comes to being a Green Gold school. The Guiding Principles that we follow are: Sustainable Communities, Learning in for and about our Environment, Empowering Students, Respect for Other Peoples and Cultures and Maori Perspective.

Out with the Wild Wild West and in with the Milk Box Kids!

Our middle school milk box kids

After a wicked “Wild, Wild West” Book Week, the Middle School cowboys and cowgirls are now enjoying drinking their school milk. This is enthusiastically appreciated, thanks to Fonterra and our students are enjoying its cold creamy goodness on a daily basis. We are also learning how to correctly fold the milk cartons, ready for recycling. Our milk monitors and the catchy song ‘Drink it Dry’ encourages us how to do this properly.


This week the Year 4 students are proudly sharing their learning at student led conferences. This has allowed an opportunity for them to share their portfolios and their learning achievements from term one. Staff and students alike look forward to this opportunity to celebrate learning achievements and set next learning steps.


We look forward to new learning opportunities in Term 2 and wish you all you all a relaxing break.

Year 4 Science Absolutely Rocks!

Curious Year 4 students examining rocks with magnifiers

This term the students in Year Four have been investigating the properties of rocks. This is part of our learning about the Physical World.

Visiting the Science Room each week has given each of our classes the chance to investigate, question and explore the nature of science, whilst discovering new things about rocks and their properties. Hands on activities, including holding and examining various rock samples has made the learning exciting and led to further discussion and questioning about the rock cycle and the three types of rocks it comprises of.

Our students have developed such curiosity about rocks that many have brought along their own rock samples from home to share with their classmates. We are lucky to have such a bunch of inquiring minds.

Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra Visit

The Octet entertaining us in the School Hall

This term we have been lucky enough to be visited by a brass octet as part of our schools partnership with the Auckland Philharmonia Orchestra. Students could only see empty seats as they entered the hall and sat down. But they could hear the odd blast of a trombone or tuba from on the stage hidden behind the closed curtains.

Once everyone was seated and waiting, the octet opened with a well-known piece of music based off the Star Wars movies. As they moved down from the stage with their instruments the students couldn’t help but point and discuss the instruments that they had just heard. 

After an introduction to each member, we were treated to 7 other pieces of music including a battle where 4 faced off against 4 in a trombone war, a piece that played with everyone’s emotions making them feel both happy and sad at the same time and the fan favourite pop song Uptown Funk.

At the end students asked some really great questions and Miss Hargreaves linked the learning in music to the way the music was played by the musicians. We can’t wait for the next visit, from the next group, from the Auckland Philharmonic Orchestra.

Middle School 2018

One of our Year 4 Students is excited to be back

Welcome back to school for 2018. The Middle School have settled quickly into routines and are looking forward to another challenging and rewarding year of learning at Owairoa.

There are ten classes in the Middle School this year.  Each class has a full complement of enthusiastic students ready to get their learning underway.

The Middle School is a place for students to develop their independence. Year 3 children will be getting accustomed to having a desk and keeping track of their own learning equipment. Please remember all children are required to have their book bag at school every day for home learning and school notices.

Welcome to all the new families that have joined our school this year, we look forward to meeting you all and working together to provide the best opportunities for our learners.

With great power… comes an electricity bill!

Hailey creating some static electricity

Imagine a world where you can’t turn on a light, use a heater or even charge your device! Obviously, electricity is important to us and we are so excited to be learning all about how it works.

This term our Year 4 students are learning all about electricity.

Our aims are:

To make static electricity with everyday objects

To activate a lightbulb by creating a simple circuit

To discover what materials conduct and insulate

We had great fun and laughter creating static electricity in the Science Room this week. Have you ever made your hair stand straight up by rubbing a balloon on it? If so, did you know that you were rubbing some electrons off the balloon. The electrons moved into your hair from the balloon! They tried to get far away from each other by moving to the ends of your hair. How about that!

Celebrating Another Term of Learning

Some of our Year 4 learners looking spectacular in their spectacles

Wow! What a busy end of term we have had. Term 3 has been one of our most exciting terms yet.

Celebrating Maori Language Week was a real highlight. Our learning included participating in waiatas, kapa haka performances, poi making, taniwha art and even weaving.

Speeches were a real treat. Each of the year 3 and 4 children wrote and shared a fantastic speech in their classes with some fabulous speakers even making it through to our Middle School finals. A special well done to those children!

Athletics practise is now under way with our classes spending time out in the spring sunshine perfecting our high jump and long jump techniques.

Finally, student-led conferences provided an opportunity for our learners to share their progress with their parents and a great chance for us all to reflect on our goals.

Phew! We can’t wait for our holiday break so we can come back refreshed and ready for Term 4.


Year 4 Travels Back in Time

Year 4 travels to the Howick Historical Village

On Wednesday 30 August the Year 4 syndicate travelled back in time by taking a fabulous trip to the Howick Historical Village.

Our purpose was to investigate and find out more about what life was like and what children’s responsibilities were back in the colonial period.

We started our day by visiting a school where we got to write on slates and didn’t dare speak while the teacher did! Next we moved on to butter making, unpacking a trunk and learning about how the Fencibles travelled to Howick all those years ago. We especially loved getting to make our own rag rugs in the old Pakuranga School building.

We would like to thank each of the parents and caregivers who came on this trip with us and helped to make it such a success!


International Day

Everyone proudly watching the kapa haka performance outside the hall

On Thursday 3 August Owairoa Primary School held their world famous annual International Day.  Students from Team 3 celebrated many different aspects of many different cultures through the sharing of costumes, flags, stories, videos, food and games.

The students showed how proud they were of their heritage while taking part in a huge parade that circumnavigated the school grounds. Hundreds of parents gathered throughout the school to witness this amazing event. At the end everyone congregated outside the hall for a special Kapa Haka performance followed by over 800 flags being waved and the singing of the New Zealand national anthem.

Another highlight of the day was the mighty shared lunch. Students supplied a plate of special food from the countries they were representing. Students trudged out of their classrooms after lunch time with full bellies ready to continue the fun activities.


Football for Children

Room 33 children engaged and ready to strike

Last week the children were lucky enough to experience an exciting football lesson that had been specially designed for all abilities. The lesson was centred on fun, enjoyment and participation and had an emphasis on motor skills, agility and coordination.

The football lesson was led by two professional coaches and was played inside an inflatable field which we all thought was pretty cool!

“I loved playing Indians and Cowboys with the coaches because we learnt how to dodge other players and how to kick a ball at a moving target” – Torin Bidois-Treacy.

“I enjoyed playing the soccer match because I scored two goals and it made me feel really proud” – Sam Wallace.

“At first I was nervous to play football but then once I had a go I loved it” – Danielle Collins.


Kauri Trees Need Us!

Will you help us stop the spread of dieback?!

This term for our Inquiry we have been looking at the King of the Forest – the Kauri Tree.

We have learnt from the experts in the school – Mr McCullum and Mr Dragt - that Kauri trees are at threat due to a disease called Dieback disease.

We didn’t like this so we have been looking at how we can help the Kauri! We have found out that one of the main ways the Kauri tree is getting dieback is from people standing on their roots with dirty shoes. With this in mind, we have decided to teach people about dieback and how to SSS – Scrub shoes, Spray shoes, Stay on Track!

Room 29 have even decided they would like to put a shoe cleaning station into the bushwalk so we wrote letters to Mr McIntyre asking for permission to do this! Room 29 has also been making posters and a video to spread awareness of dieback and how people can help!

Let’s Get Physical!

Middle School Jump Jam on a beautiful winters morning

Wow, this term is really flying by… And so are our fitness levels! 

This term we have been focusing on building our stamina and endurance by participating in a range of physical activities throughout the week.

We have started early and are already in training for our Cross Country coming up later in the year. It’s fantastic to see many of the children’s fitness levels increasing and now being able to run for longer periods without stopping.

One fitness activity that the Middle School loves to promote is Jump Jam. Jump Jam is a great way for students to experience and practise timing, rhythm, coordination, directionality as well as gross motor skills. It’s a great way to start the day and leaves us feeling fresh and motivated for our day ahead.

Spiderman Visits Owairoa Primary School

The middle school proudly watch the playground opening

On Thursday afternoon all staff and students went down to the field to celebrate the opening of the new playground. Students had been watching and waiting patiently while the construction of the playground happened in term one. It had been a long wait for the beautiful new playground and it finally it was time to officially open it!

We saw the choir sing, an obstacle course competition take place where some selected students from different year levels had to race around and collect ribbons off parts of the playground and then the AMAZING Spiderman crept on to the playground. The Middle School cheered so loudly that he did some flips and sneaky trips on the playground. He even lifted up one of the Mum’s! Spiderman even stayed afterwards to take some photos with classes and students.

The opening of the playground was INCREDIBLE and we are so lucky to be able to play on it on Wednesday and Thursday’s!

Year 4 Welcomes Chromebooks

Some of our Chromebook experts in training

Each of the Year 4 classes have gratefully received a set of Chromebooks that we will be working hard to integrate into our daily classroom learning.

Each child has now set up their own personal email address and personal account and is now able to create documents online.

Our next learning steps include sharing these documents with other students (and the teacher, of course) to seek help editing and improving our work.

At Owairoa we are so lucky to have Mr Howard who is our Middle School ICT expert. Mr Howard will be working with small groups of children each week and assisting them to become the classroom experts!

We love integrating ICT into our daily activities and can’t wait to learn how else we can use the Chromebooks to enhance our learning.

Getting Dizzy About the New Playground!

The favourite part by far

Have you seen the new playground? It’s hard to miss with its bright colours and grand size! We are really enjoying the new playground.

Mr Barrett taught us how to use the new playground last term and now we are able to challenge ourselves on the higher parts as well as have lots of fun! Our favourite part is definitely the spinner - we love going around and around getting dizzy!!

Year 3s get to go on the playground every Wednesday and Year 4s on a Tuesday, we look forward to our days every week!

Thank you Mr McIntyre and the Board of Trustees for our awesome new playground – we love it! 

Look who popped in!

Our Year 3 and 4 students gain a sneak peek at a day in the life of an Illustrator

One of the absolute highpoints of our Book Week last week was when Ross Kinnaird stopped by to educate us about the highlights of being an illustrator.

Ross has illustrated many of our favourite picture books including ‘Mr Spears and his hairy ears’, ‘I need a new bum’, ‘Dr Grundy’s Undies’, and ‘Why do dogs sniff bottoms?’ Ross prides himself on his humorous illustration styles and aims to engage reluctant readers and promote reading for enjoyment.

We particularly liked the part when he drew lots of unflattering caricatures of the teachers!

Ross’s visit was not only a fun break from classroom routines, but we were also introduced to the processes of writing, developing characters, and expressing one’s creativity. We loved the opportunity to write a short story as a group and have him illustrate the pictures for us.

“I loved when Ross drew a hilarious picture of Miss Ravji being a dancing pirate” – Hailey Steffens.

“I thought it was so funny when Ross drew a picture of Mr Barrett as a chicken laying an egg” – Zoe Matchett.

Pirate Week Prep

Mr Church and the face creations by Room 30 students

The Middle School has been in full preparation, getting ready for our pirate themed book week next week!

We have been working extremely hard on our pirate ships, making sure they are look sharp and snazzy for the great pirate clash on Wednesday afternoon!

We are very excited and can’t wait to show off our fantastic pirate costumes, show our parents all our super learning and learn all about books and pirates this week!!

Year 4 Swimming Sports

The swimmers get ready for their next race

On Tuesday 7 March we had our widely anticipated event – the Year 4 Swimming Sports. What a super effort from each of our students.

We had some excellent performances and were very impressed by the speed and techniques that were displayed. The events included championship freestyle, novice freestyle, backstroke, breaststroke and flutter board. With something for everyone, we are proud to say that every child gave something a go.

The children’s behaviour and sportsmanship were outstanding – well done everybody!

We would like to thank all of the parents and whanau who came and supported us.

Team Four rocks!

We’re Having a Swimmingly Good Term!

Practicing hard for Swimming Sports Day

The sun has been shining (mostly) all term and this means we have been able to make full use of our newly fixed pool! All the Year 3 classes have been enjoying their weekly swimming time where we have been working with our teachers and Miss Morrow to learn about pool and water safety, learn new swimming techniques and gain confidence in the water. All the children have participated enthusiastically and we are all very excited for our swimming sports day coming up on the 15th of March!

Keep on swimming Year 3s!

Middle School 2017

A great way to keep cool this summer

School started well for the Middle School in 2017 on the hottest day of the summer so far.  We have ten classes in all and each class has a full complement of enthusiastic students ready to get their learning underway.  The class teachers tell me that the children are settled well and classroom programmes have commenced.  We are all really excited that the swimming pool is ready for use and are looking forward to our first swimming sports in a long time. 

Learning programmes are being established with the Year 3s are learning to care for their own property in their desk and Year 4 embarking on their journey to be role models for the Middle School.  Students in the Middle School will continue the year on their individual learning pathway guided by teachers who will become increasingly aware of, and cater for, their learning need 

Most students turned up, on day one, with their stationery which has enable a prompt start to class room programmes.  Thank you for that, parents and caregivers. 

We welcome new families to the Middle School and we look forward to meeting you in the near future and throughout the year.

Joanna Mawdsley
Middle School Co-ordinator

End of Year Concert

Performing proudly on stage

A huge thank you to all the parents and whanau who attended the Year 3 concert last week. The children (and teachers) worked hard to put on a great show for you and we were very proud of their efforts. It is very rewarding as teachers (and parents) to see the children grow in confidence throughout the year. Every child in Year 3 took their place on the stage with pride and beaming smiles.

We hope you all have a happy and safe holiday and are looking forward to seeing you all again next February.

Sun-sational in Term 4!

Ready for summer in the Middle School!

We are heading at break-neck speed towards the end of term.  After it seemed like spring was missing in action this year, there have finally been some fine days for the children to enjoy the outdoors.

It is timely to remind all our children that the New Zealand sun can be fierce, and it is important to be sun safe and sun smart.  In Term 4 it is compulsory to wear a hat.  This is to protect the children from the sun, and any children without hats are able to play only in limited shady areas.  It would also be advisable for children to take off their sweatshirts in this warmer weather so they don’t over heat!  But with jumpers coming on and off all day, don’t forget to clearly label them so we can return any strays.

Be sun smart and have a sun-sational summer Middle School!

Talking Mirrors, Crazy Queens and a Magician

The fantastic Snow White crew

A highlight for the Year 3 learners was to experience our teachers in a different light (or under stage lights). After weeks and weeks of rehearsals the staff were finally ready to show us what they were made of.

Wednesday and Thursday night performances for families went by in a blur of lights, costumes and strangely catchy tunes! On Friday another performance for the children who had missed out on tickets was enjoyed by many.

Year 3 would like to say a big thank you to the staff who made this event possible… many hands went in to making it the best show in town, from set design, costumes, lights, music and acting.

We are all looking forward to the next one!!

Hot Wheels

Owairoa Biker Gang

All the children in Year 4 are being given the opportunity to develop their cycle skills in Term 4.  Counties Manukau Sport has been visiting us twice a week with a bevy of bikes to spread the word on bike skills and most importantly, bike safety. 

No matter the skill level, all children are being catered for by this fine team.  It has been particularly pleasing to see the astounding progress of children who could not ride a bike at the beginning of the term.  The programme has taken these children from balancing, to coasting to peddling in rapid succession.

But no matter the skill set, all the children are taking some new learning away from the experience. 

Happy biking Year 4!

Grandparents and Special Visitors

“There’s nothing like a grandchild to put a smile on your face, a lump in your throat and a warm feeling in your heart” (anon)

A highlight on our school calendar is our annual grandparent’s day. The children love being able to share their learning and spend quality time with their grandparents.

The concert is always an amazing showcase of the wonderful talent we have here at OPS.

The classrooms are open (and clean and tidy) and the afternoon tea is always a favourite.

A big thank you to all the visitors that took time out of their day to join us!

Super Scintillating Speeches

Congratulations to our speech winners

In the third term, the middle school has been resounding with the voices of children practising speeches.  The children and teachers worked extremely hard to produce quality speeches about a variety of topics. 

On Monday 19th September, the Middle School Speech Finals were held in the hall.  We learned about diverse subjects such as pandas, soccer, orangutans and ocean pollution.  Congratulations to our winners; Libby Robson, from Year 3, who spoke about her Devon Holiday and Charlie Van Asten, from Year 4, who spoke about Asking for Help. 

Also, well done to Sienna Hasard and Benjamin McLaren, who came 2nd, and Elena Hesp and Nathan Cox, who came 3rd. 

It is not easy to speak in front of so many people, and it is fantastic that all the children have the opportunity to practise this valuable skill.


Speech winners as pictured - from left to right: Nathan Cox, Benjamin McLaren, Charlie Van Asten, Libby Robson, Sienna Hasard and Elena Hesp

Cross Country 2016

Runners approach the home stretch

The whole school was buzzing with energy this morning as we readied ourselves for a morning of running, cheering, excitement and fun. Today was the Owairoa Primary School cross country.

The Middle School was up first. Year 3 girls lined up, stretched and readied themselves for the starter’s gun. The gun sounded, the charge started and away raced the girls.  After completing their 1.1km lap of around the school, the Year 3 boys had a turn.

There was excitement all round as the rest of the school cheered from the side line when their friends charged past, the runners giving a final burst of speed as they approached the finish line.

Months of practise showed as everyone finished the course in good time. All students were excited to have completed the cross country run even those who didn’t place are proud of their achievements.

Huge thanks to the parents who showed up and gave extra support to all the runners.

Water, Water Everywhere!

Getting scientific with our investigations

The Middle School have been immersed in water!  Well, rather, the study of water.  We have been learning about the states of water and the water cycle. 

In the Science Room, things have been getting rather soggy, with ice cubes and water balloons to help us understand water better. 

Every class will get the opportunity to get hands on with these great experiments and we feel lucky to have the great facilities and equipment that we have to promote Science learning.  The children look forward to sharing some of their learning with you.


Celebrating in style on International Day

Week 2 of this term had us all very busy with Owairoa’s “Famous in Howick” International Day followed the next day by the Owairoa Olympics!

International Day was spectacular with lots of countries represented by our fine students wearing special colours and/or traditional clothing in the parade. The concert highlighted some extraordinary talent we have throughout the school and NOONE went home hungry after the shared lunch!

The Owairoa Olympics was a fun filled event with activities ranging from jousting to hurdles. All the children were involved in all of the activities and experienced an Opening and Closing ceremony.

It is days like these the children will remember forever. Thank you to all the teachers, staff, parents and children who made these days unforgettable for our learners.

Wiki Te Reo Maori 2016

One of our art lessons during Maori Language Week

In the last week of Term 2 we celebrated Maori Language Week.  We celebrated Matariki and learned about legends surrounding the cluster of seven stars in our winter sky.  We spoke Te Reo in the classroom and did some Maori arts and crafts.  We really enjoyed our Maori activities and they were great evidence for our Green-Gold Reflection Day.  We are all very proud to have gained Green-Gold Enviroschools status.

This term we are looking forward to International Day and Olympics Day in Week 2.  We also welcomed a large group of international students into our classrooms to learn about our culture and language.  We look forward to learning about their cultures too.

Environmental Warriors

Room 30 Green Fingers hard at work

In all of the Year 3 classes this term there has been a strong environmental focus. We are striving to be THE BEST GREEN GOLD SCHOOL THAT WE CAN BE. All five classes have been focussing on different areas of the Guiding Principles:

Room 28 have taken their learning into the environment and used the flora and fauna to create art.

Room 29 are busy deepening their understanding of the Guiding Principles and sharing their knowledge with the other Year 3 classes.

Room 30 is in the “replanting” stage of their vege garden and have planted various produce that will be ready for Spring.

Room 31 were empowered when they took part in the redesigning of the Room 6 – 9 playground. They looked at what reusable resources could be used to build the playground as well as safety features and colour design.

Room 33 have been investigating waste free lunches and the effect that all that lunch rubbish waste has on our environment. Sadly much of the rubbish ends up in our oceans and the statistics they shared with us were alarming.

We are all looking forward to the Green Gold Reflection Day!

Team 4 Fit-tastic!

Showing off our fit-tastic skipping skills

With swimming over team 4 decided to keep their fitness levels up with daily fitness. Every Tuesday we start by joining altogether and doing core strength exercises like lunges, jumping jacks, sprints, stretches, and balance exercises. Then we meet on Thursdays for a rotation of activities. We do fun relays that involve speed, co-ordination and team spirit. Skipping skills that include double skip, ski jump, backwards, peer skip and some of us have even tried double dutch. We have retained many of our skills from Jump for Heart last year and our teachers even join in. Lastly we do hoops and ball exercises that bring out our competitive spirit. When the weather send us inside we don’t let that stop us and we go on Go Noodle which is an interactive website. Your family might like to try it and do a family challenge. It’s lots of fun while keeping you fit at the same time.

Fabulous Furniture

New desks getting the thumbs up!

Many of the Middle School classes have been lucky enough to receive some very flash, funky and fabulous new furniture.

Year 3 classes have received new desks to replace the older wooden desks. The new desks have removable trays which makes rearranging classroom seating arrangements much easier for children and teachers alike!

The children are proud to have new furniture in their possession and are looking after them very well, teachers have noted that the children are keeping them A LOT tidier than the old ones.

A big thank you to Mr McIntyre for our new desks! We love them!

Year 4 Palaeontologists

A learning adventure at the Museum

Year 4 had a great time learning about fossils and the wonders of our planet earth at their recent trip to the museum.

They took the bus to Auckland Museum and discovered the many treasures and learning that takes place there. With the help of their parent helpers they explored the museum and had a special teaching learning lab with Josh. They even got to hold real T-Rex fossils and got tricked into smelling a fossilised triceratops poo!

They all agreed that the Auckland Museum was a great trip and that they’ll be taking their families there to educate them too!