Parent Class

Owairoa Primary School provides “Living In New Zealand” lessons, which look at all aspects of the New Zealand lifestyle, including customs and cultures, legal, political, health, social, traditions, food, language etc. Also included one morning per week is a cooking class

We value parents of International Students and like to give them the opportunity of communicating with and bonding with other parents of students at our school.

As a goodwill gesture, these classes are free of charge to all parents of International Students enrolled at Owairoa Primary School. Parents are welcome to enrol for classes, which are from 9am – 10.30am every weekday morning during school term time.

My Thoughts...

When I first arrived in New Zealand, I anxious and insecure. I had all the responsibilities for my kids, had no friends, and didn’t know anything about New Zealand.


On the first day at Owairoa Primary School, I was told that parents’ class would start from that day and other new mums also would come. I was relieved to know that I was not the only new mum.

In the first lesson, Chris warmly welcomed us and we introduced ourselves. There were five new mums: two are from China and three (including myself) are from Japan.

Chris taught us about New Zealand culture, lifestyle, school life at Owairoa and so on.

On Monday, Tuesday and Friday, we had English lessons. On Wednesday, we had cooking lessons. Thursday was our outing day. We strolled in the neighborhood such as Howick village, beaches and lovely cafes. We sometimes went shopping to Botany shopping mall, Sylvia Park, shoe outlet shops and many other places.

Chris taught us not only English but also she answered our questions which were related to our daily lives. From time to time, we came across questions or problems that we really didn’t know who to ask or where to enquire, for example, how/when you take rubbish out, how you sort rubbish or all these every little things.

Chris worked so hard to help us that I was able to enjoy living in NZ and I always felt comfortable in parents’ class.