International Education at Owairoa

Owairoa Primary School is a well-established educational institution that enjoys a reputation of Excellence in Education as we continue to maintain a high standard of International Student achievement.

We offer opportunities to individual and group students, aged 5 to 11 years of age, to enrol for studying on a short-term basis from one week, up to their full six years of primary education.


All International Students aged 5 - 9 years old must be accompanied by, and continue to live with, a parent for the duration of their studies at Owairoa Primary School

All International Students aged 10-11 years old can enrol without being accompanied by their Parent/s, and can live in an Owairoa-approved Homestay, with a family member or relative, or with a designated caregiver.


Our school has high expectations for our International Students and encourage them to do their best in all their endeavours. In return, the school is committed to encouraging and helping each individual to achieve, to the best of their ability during their time in New Zealand.

Be confident in choosing Owairoa Primary School as the school for your child to learn while in New Zealand.