Home Learning - Year 1

During the Covid-19 Lockdown, Owairoa Primary School is providing students with some home learning tasks. These tasks are optional and are designed to encourage students to find learning opportunities during their time at home in isolation. Students/parents are welcome to contact the Teacher using the email address below, during the hours of 9am to 3pm, Monday to Friday.

We encourage you to reply via email (including photos or small videos if appropriate) with the work your child has completed. This allows the teacher to provide feedback for your child.

Year 1 Email Contacts

Room 1 – Mrs Stone room1@student.owairoa.school.nz

Room 2 – Mrs Basson room2@student.owairoa.school.nz

Room 3 – Mrs Geddes room3@student.owairoa.school.nz

Room 4 - Miss Haugh room4@student.owairoa.school.nz

Room 4A - Miss Oliver room4a@student.owairoa.school.nz

Room 6 - Mrs Frederiksen room6@student.owairoa.school.nz

Room 7 - Mrs Green room7@student.owairoa.school.nz

Room 8 - Miss Kennard room8@student.owairoa.school.nz

Room 9 - Miss Ellis room9@student.owairoa.school.nz

ESOL - Mrs Parkes esol@student.owairoa.school.nz

Remedial- Mrs Smith remedial@student.owairoa.school.nz

Reading Recovery - Mrs Stevens readingrecovery@student.owairoa.school.nz

Week Five Tasks

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Week Six Tasks

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